Dedicated to the citizens of Mason County, Washington since 1886

Cyrus Kelly Turner, Jr.

Cy was a rascal from rural Pennsylvania born in 1934. He was encouraged by the judge to join the U.S. Army in 1957. He married Kathleen (Blitz) Simpson from Shelton in 1958; they had three daughters, Kathy, Sandy and Kelly.

Cy worked for the Kirk Christmas Tree Company for over 20 years. He loved the Northwest and enjoyed boating, diving, fishing and hunting. He and Blitz divorced in 1977, he re-married in 1985 to Susie Grande (she probably saved his life) who had two young children, Donna and Jack. Susie supported Cy's beliefs and ideals, and they had many happy years together. Cy retired from the Simpson Timber Co. in 1996 after 17 years of service. When he lost Susie in 2015, she took some of him with her; he got on, but slowly declined. He passed away in Allyn, WA on May 25th was a beautiful day, the salt air mixed with the smell of the trees and rhododendrons.

Cyrus's children include, Kathy Turner, Sandy Keyt, Kelly Turner, Donna Stromberg, Jack Grande. His grandchildren are Joshua Baumgart, Laura Keyt, Jenny Keyt, David Miller (deceased) Christopher Miller, Steven Miller, Natasha Delaney, Jordyn Hinders

Madison Grande, Jackson Grande, and ten great-grandchildren.


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