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 By Jan Parker    News    May 26, 2022 

Ida's story: Coming to the canal, meeting Vincent Finch

In 1872, 9-year-old Ida Robbins traveled by ship with her parents from Maine to California to reunite with family members. Her father was ship Captain George Robbins, who hauled cargo up and down the...

 By Jan Parker    News    May 12, 2022

The 1915 wedding of Humphrey and Doris Nelson

Humphrey "Hump" Nelson was one of the premier oyster growers in early Mason County. His family moved from Michigan to Tacoma in 1888, when he was about 2 years old. Not long after they arrived, Hump's...

 By Jan Parker    News    April 28, 2022

Captain Ed Miller

In 1892, a journalist for the Seattle Press Times wrote, "Captain Miller of the tug Biz and owner of that antediluvian ark the Ajax, is one of the old landmarks on the waterfront, weighs something...

 By Jan Parker    News    April 14, 2022

From March to May 1959 in the Journal

The feature story March 5 included a photo of a car that had been blown apart on a county road when dynamite in the trunk exploded. The driver, who was killed, had been transporting the dynamite to...

 By Jan Parker    News    March 31, 2022

Mary M. Knight - pioneering educator

This Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m., the Mason County League of Women Voters is sponsoring an open house at the Mason County Historical Museum (427 West Railroad Ave.) to showcase seven women, past and...

 By Jan Parker    News    March 17, 2022

Launching the S.G. Simpson

This story is taken from the Aug. 23, 1907, edition of the Mason County Journal. On Aug. 19, 1907, about 40 people from Shelton, hosted by Mark E. Reed, Arthur Govey and Thomas O'Neill, traveled to...

 By Jan Parker    News    March 3, 2022

The first edition of the Mason County Journal

On Dec. 31, 1886, at the age of 18, Grant C. Angle published the first edition of his Mason County Journal. (Some years later, he changed the name to the Shelton-Mason County Journal.) A one-year...

 By Jan Parker    News    February 17, 2022

A story of early Tahuya

The first settler of record in the Tahuya area was Enoch Willey, who acquired a claim in 1865. Willey sold his claim in 1875 and eventually settled at Oakland. Among the homesteaders who followed him...

 By Jan Parker    News    February 3, 2022

Roberta Wilcox Welch's story

This is part two of a two-part story on the recollections of Shelton-area resident Roberta Wilcox Welch. The first installment ran in the Shelton-Mason County Journal on Jan. 20. At Christmas season,...

 By Jan Parker    News    January 20, 2022

Roberta Wilcox Welch

Part 1 of a two-part series....

 By Jan Parker    News    January 6, 2022

The story of George Clifton – Part two

In January 1924, 17-year-old George Clifton began working for Simpson Logging Co. at a camp near Lake Nahwatzel. For the next two years, he kept a sporadic journal of his experiences. This story is ta...

 By Jan Parker    News    December 23, 2021

George Clifton's story - Part one

In January 1924, 17-year-old George Clifton began working for Simpson Logging Co. at a camp near Lake Nahwatzel. For the next two years, he kept a sporadic journal of his experiences. This story is...

 By Jan Parker    News    November 25, 2021

Irene S. Reed High School Memorial Wall

In mid-summer, 1985, as demolition was about to begin on the Irene S. Reed High School building at Seventh and Alder Streets, the Mason County Historical Society (MCHS) put forth a proposal to save...

 By Jan Parker    News    November 11, 2021

A Glimpse into High School Life, 1952

The following items are from the October and November issues of the 1952 Irene S. Reed High School weekly newspaper called The Saghalie. The mirror in the boys' lavatory had disappeared and would not...

 By Jan Parker    News    October 28, 2021

L.D. Hack, Shelton booster

In a feature titled "Interesting People of the Peninsula," the September 1935 issue of a publication called Olympic Peninsula Magazine announced that "Native sons of the great Olympic Peninsula had...

 By Jan Parker    News    September 23, 2021

A look at the life and times of Agate School

In June 1912, parents of children attending Chapman's Cove, Miller, and Cape Horn Schools (all located in an area between Hammersley Inlet and Oakland Bay) met at the local grange hall and voted...


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