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Fire 12 has contentious meeting

Griffey, Couture ask attorney general to investigate

Fire District 12 Commissioner Nick Jones requested at the March 19 commission meeting that any “members or commissioners” in the district who are under investigation be immediately suspended until the inquiry is complete.

Fire 12 covers western Mason County, including Matlock and some areas of eastern Grays Harbor County.

“It was stated at the last meeting by Mason County Sheriff’s Office that members of the district are under investigation. We should work with the sheriff’s office to determine the names of the members or commissioners who are under investigation. I would like all members that...


Reader Comments(1)

MatlockNews4Me writes:

Thank you to the Journal and to reporter June Williams for the great coverage of our last Fire 12 meeting. The community appreciates the coverage and I think it is important for several reasons. One, the public needs to be aware of how special purpose districts of all kinds have unlimited power. There are no laws that hold them accountable except for criminal laws. They can ignore public records requests and violate the Open Public Meetings act to their heart's content and no one is going to step up to stop them unless they have the money for an attorney. RCW's are useless in this case. The second reason is that many people do not know what fire district they live in and what happens in one will affect neighboring districts negatively. I think it would be helpful if the Journal printed a map of Fire Dist 12 so it does not adversely impact West Mason District's upcoming levy. That would be a shame because they are a very professional district and they need that levy. Thank You!