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Letters to the Editor

A vote for music

Editor, the Journal,

Music education changed my life.

Hood Canal School has no space for a music program. The current bond proposal will provide that space.

I went through eight years of basic education in a school without music education.

I missed out on:

■ Learning that music is math-intervals like thirds and fifths to make harmony; scales and note values and rhythms.

■ The joy of making music; feeling the rhythms and vibrations in my body; moving with the music and joining others to make a beautiful noise.

■ The discipline of being part of a group; blending our voices and matching our tempos and volumes; waiting on bleachers quietly to perform.

Then I attended a high school with music and drama programs that built my confidence and enabled me to see the pleasure of the audience as the music and drama moved them.

The community choir I joined at a Tacoma college gave me the opportunity to sing the Mass at Notre Dame. I currently sing in a Threshold choir, bringing peace and comfort to the bedside of patients and families.

Think about your life without music. Studies have shown that music reduces depression, enhances academic performance and even slows cognitive decline as we age. Every part of our brains are affected by music.

I survived eight years without a music program. But I thrived when I had the tools and instruction to discover who I could be as part of a musical world. Just think of how the world can benefit if music education starts at age 4 instead of age 14.

Our students at Hood Canal School deserve to thrive!

Rosemary Kallal, Hoodsport

Trumpster is toast

Editor, the Journal,

I am making a prediction. The Supreme Court of the United States will not allow the Trumpster to be on the ballot for the primary and/or general elections across our country because of his actions prior to and on the day of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. The 14th amendment, Section 3, applies to that decision. The Civil War was the catalyst for the amendment to be added to the Constitution.

Soon the case will be heard and a judgment will be made. In the meantime, lots and lots of folks are preparing briefs and sending them to the court expressing their thoughts and opinions for and against the issue. I have read and heard some of these briefs that are labelled No. 23-719. One of the briefs that I read was written by four historians explaining the historical background of the amendment and its application today and from that brief, my words, "the Trumpster is essentially toast!"

We will soon see how the court rules on this issue.

Earl W. Burt, Bremerton

No one above law

Editor, the Journal,

How does that person know that I am not concerned about past riots, killings, etc.? Anyone who breaks the law must be held accountable.

Plain and simple - no one is above the law.

Karen Bouton, Lilliwaup

To Democrats, everything is political

Editor, the Journal,

I haven't written to the Journal lately, and thought I'd check back in. Today's popular topics, guns and abortion, do interest me greatly.

As for guns, I am a shooting sports supporter, load my own ammo, and am strongly behind anyone interested or involved in the concealed carry program, whether it be weaponry, accessories or state laws.

I'm pleased to see more women taking part in the CC effort. I would not be sympathetic with the next dim-bulb thief who tries to break into a woman's home or steal her purse and ends up staring down the barrel of a loaded .38 caliber Smith & Wesson.

I have a strongly held position on abortion, but the Dems probably won't like it. They won't like it because to the Democratic Party, everything is political. So I say, to make abortion in any way part of a political plank is, in my view, blinkered and dumb.

Coming attractions: I am interested in finding out what has happened to the ballyhooed (by some) Christian nationalists. I would like to write about the liberal writer pretending to be a journalist (there are many) who discovered (or created) this nonsense, Donna Holliday's scaremongering letter, my attack on her character (not at all true), and the long list of ignorant statements made by her fan club. She has one, you know, and I have several possible names for it.

Until next time ...

R.E. Graham, Union

The real suckers and losers

Editor, the Journal,

This is for all the "suckers and losers" which is what Trump called us - the ones who took the oath to defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies. All VFW guys, American Legion, and the women and men who served honorably - this is what Trump thinks of you and your service to the country. Like the fallen heroes just returned home and honored by President Joe Biden and the first lady, and like my brother, Billy Lawrence, KIA 1970 V.N. 173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade. Our fallen heroes came home, honored with a flag on their coffins. Trump wants you to elect him again. Yeah, right!

Trump rides the radical veterans groups and the MAGA Republican House like a circus pony. Remember the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers? Trump ordered them during a presidential debate with President Biden to "stand by and stand down" - meaning I will call you when I need you. Trump called them on Jan. 6, 2021, to overthrow the government. A bunch of losers - just like Trump, pretending to be men. Most of them have not seen combat, but boy, do they have their BS war stories. They buy some camos and an AR-15, dress up, grab some flags and pretend to be patriots instead of treasonous traitors of democracy. They use our flag as a weapon to assault the Capitol Police to stop the constitutional peaceful transfer of power. Their leaders are in federal prison for seditious conspiracy. Do you believe Trump? Or your lying eyes and ears? The real "suckers and losers" are Trump voters!

The Constitution and flag will always win. "The rockets' red glare, and the flag was still there!" The flag is a symbol of what America stands for; our strength is the Constitution. You can burn the flag and use it for a weapon, but that only makes it stronger. There is a Civil War song that goes something like this, "Gather round the flag boys, gather round the flag, down with the traitors up with the Flag." The flag is a symbol to honor our fallen heroes. Vote for democracy, vote for President Joe Biden, he is like a good shepherd.

Roderic Whittaker, Shelton


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