Port of Dewatto watches funds as camping season begins


The Port of Dewatto has been ensuring it maintains enough money in the bank to address expenses.

During the port’s April 13 meeting, campground coordinator Joe Newman reported the campground’s initial turnout numbered “just a few” campers, although he said a camping group reserved quite a few more slots by mid-April.

Newman said about 25 volunteers helped out at the campground for its cleanup March 26, and with a few more hours during that week, he was able to get the rest of the leaves and brush picked up in time for the park to be ready to open April 1.

Port Manager Jeana Crosby said the port had deposited $3,230 as of April 13, and has sent checks to the county in that amount, as “we have a lot of groups reserved this summer.”

Crosby likewise reported that, as of mid-April, the port was set to receive nearly $30,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to repair the road damaged by a storm in January 2021. The FEMA representative has been trying to get the 25% that is technically the port’s responsibility paid for as well.

Crosby further reported the Bonfire online payment and registration system had been loaded and could go live once the commissioners chose to approve it.

This ongoing project has been deemed necessary to satisfy the state internal control practices of collecting and depositing income.

While Port Commissioner Ted Edwards was absent from the April 13 meeting, Crosby had spoken to Edwards prior to his absence, during which he stated he was “on board” with the program.

Port Commission Chair Ray Mow moved to approve the Bonfire online registration and payment system, which cleared the way for Crosby to conduct a Zoom meeting with Bonfire April 20, and perform a virtual tour of the program, as it pertains to the port’s campground.

Suzanne Newman, the port’s reservationist, agreed to be trained by Crosby and to help the campers get accustomed to going online to register and pay for their reservations.

Crosby was tasked with contacting Certified Payments to close the port’s account because they do not have such a registration system.

Port Commissioner David Haugen seconded Mow’s motion, and their votes established Bonfire as the port’s year-round online registration and payment program, allowing the port’s building rental and merchandise to be included in the program.

The Port of Dewatto reported May 11 on its Facebook page that on the evening of May 8, the port’s Americans with Disability Act-accessible portable toilet burned to the ground.

“We are in the process of getting it cleaned up, and it should not interfere with any camping at this time,” the port wrote on Facebook.

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