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What do you want the new year to be like?


January 6, 2022

What kind of year do you want 2022 to be? That is the question each of us must ask ourselves as we embark on a New Year.

The legislature will soon begin the 60-day session, and with it important policy debate. Debate is a normal course of any legislative body, but how we choose to engage in debate is just as important. I personally always strive to create relationships on both sides of the aisle. Doing so makes policy differences not be personal and drives a healthier debate. President Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neil were quite fond of each other, often spending weeknights chatting over a cocktail and then fiercely debating each other in the media the following day. In doing so, they forged major legislative accomplishments that neither could have done on their own within their respective parties. I am no Reagan or O’Neil, but their ability to work together to accomplish great things is an example of political leadership I choose to strive to emulate.

In our local communities and circles of influences we need to do the same. The issues we have faced over the past few years and issues we continue to face today have torn sharp divisions in the fabric of our society. Must we view each other as enemies first if we disagree? Or do we view each other as fellow Americans with different points of view forged through our unique life experiences? How we answer this question will determine what kind of year 2022 will be. I choose to celebrate the great accomplishments we have achieved as Americans through the course of our history. As my friend and colleague Senator Reuven Carlyle (D-36th District) recently Tweeted: “…Let’s rise to the moment and be our own greatest generation”.

And so, my friends, this is how I choose to embark on 2022. This is our moment. This is our chance. This is our opportunity to be our own greatest generation.

Happy New Year, and God Bless you and your family.

Drew MacEwen

State Representative

R -35th District


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