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    Erika Stewart, Mason County Master Gardener|Dec 21, 2023

    Only two flowers really represent Christmas: poinsettias and amaryllis. We can't grow these plants outside in our climate, but we can regrow them indoors. Instead of relegating these flowers to the compost heap when they finish blooming, save them for an encore appearance next year. Follow the following instructions to ensure your success. Amaryllis In my experience, amaryllis is easy to carry over into the next holiday season. After the flowers have faded, continue to grow the plant as you...

  • A tasty thistle can be grown here

    Pat Carpenter|Apr 28, 2022

    Most of the artichokes you find in grocery stores are grown in the central coastal valleys of California. The town of Castroville in Monterey County calls itself the "The Artichoke Capital of the World" and hosts a huge artichoke festival in June. But did you know you can grow artichokes successfully in Mason County? Growing them is relatively simple by following a few guidelines. They are perennials so it is important to grow them in a spot in your garden that has good drainage, loamy soil and...

  • Community gardening

    Marie Swanson|Mar 24, 2022

    Imagine taking home fresh tomatoes, lettuce, beets, peas and carrots that you grew yourself. If you are new to growing, lack garden space or have not gardened in a while, consider joining a community garden. It is amazing what you can learn to grow. A community garden is a place people gather to grow food. People can grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The community garden can be one plot or several individual plots. The land can be flat or have raised beds. Community gardens are in rural, suburban and urban areas. These sites can be at...