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  • From the Publisher

    John Lester|Jun 13, 2024

    It's 6 a.m. and I'm on the road. Approximately 30 minutes from home I was preparing to visit one of the five restaurants I oversaw when I got the call. "I think my water broke." Shifting into race car driver mode, flashers on, 68-mph in a 45-mph zone, no problem. Barely getting my work van into park, I am running into the house. Expecting to find Kelly, in a chair in the kitchen doing those breathing techniques. Nope, she's in the bedroom ironing her clothes to wear when she comes home from the...

  • From the Publisher

    John Lester|Apr 25, 2024

    "Distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual" is the Random House Dictionary definition of special. My mom, Jean Lester, is special and has the gift of making those around her feel special. My first memory of how special she made me feel was while I was in second grade in Mrs. Whipple's class at Chief Kamiakin Elementary in Sunnyside. In the office, rings were for sale prior to Mother's Day. I gathered my pennies, nickels and perhaps a dime and bought the pink sparkly one at the...

  • From the Publisher

    John Lester|Apr 4, 2024

    The national anthem was playing and on my right, the silver medal had just been awarded. I bowed my head to receive my gold medal ... Well, if there had been an Olympic competition for door slamming, I would have won gold as a 15-year-old. I recall hearing my parents tell me, "Don't slam the door! How you shut the door to your home makes a difference." ■ ■ ■ I was 16 years old doing 40 mph down a gravel road. I had been with my dad before when he had made his 1966 Ford pickup fishtail down...

  • From the Publisher

    John Lester|Mar 21, 2024

    Standing alone in front of the mirror, seeing my brown eyes looking back at me, I replay what I've just said to my dad. I grip the bathroom counter and bite my lower lip. I've heard those words as a son countless times and have said them as a dad just as many, but this was a first. Dad said he wanted to take care of himself and Mom. I told my dad, "No, you can't do that." ■ ■ ■ I got to my parents' house in Sequim in February 2023, following a two-hour drive, and asked Dad what stores we need...