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Rex Alan Wilson, Sr.

Rex Alan Wilson, Sr. passed away on June 1, 2024.

He lived with his wife Mic'aela J. Wilson and his mother , Mrs. Alice M. Wilson, along with this three sisters, Nayomi, Deloris and Gina; also his four boys Nikkoli L. Tully-Wilson, Cory L. Tully Wison, Rex A. Wilson, Jr., Robert "Tad" Wilson.

Rex loved to go boating, fishing, hunting and camping. He loved the outdoors! He was a very hard worker. He was fighting every day for his life the past year; his health was the one thing that was working against him, big time.

Rex was the not the guy to be tied down. He was a very handy and could basically fix anything, big or small, you name it and he could tell you home much it would cost you, give or take a few cents.

We are missing him are going to continue to miss him dearly! Rex is in a better place, and no longer fighting. He would have been 63 years old on June 18, 2024. We are going to have a memory memorial in August 2024. We all loved and still love him ever so dearly...XOXOXO


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