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Shelton schools adopt policies

Implements responsibilities for military children

The Shelton School Board on Tuesday evening passed new policies on international students and educational opportunities for students with a parent in the military.

Both measures had been given preliminary approval by the board at its June 11 meeting.

The policy on international students notes that “the board recognizes the value of cultural and academic exchanges. Such experiences provide international exchange students with a balanced understanding of our country and provide U.S. students with a broad world perspective.”

The policy states that students visiting the state for a short stay, on a B-2 visa, such as a vacation or visit with family or friends, cannot enroll in the school district. Students with F-1 visas also cannot enroll. It adds “However, with prior written permission from the school, these students may visit classrooms and attend school-sponsored events.”

International exchange students who come to this country for a long-term visit, using a J-1 visa, with the intention of attending school can register to attend school in the district through a recognized international exchange program or through sponsorship of a school.

The new policy states, “the district will admit such international exchange students when admission does not adversely impact the instructional program of the district.” The policy directs the superintendent to “develop procedures for the enrollment of international exchange students.”

Educational opportunities for students with a parent in the military are spelled out in a new policy also passed unanimously Tuesday evening.

The new policy implements the responsibilities outlined in the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children that was adopted by the state.

The introduction to the new police states “the board recognizes that the children with a parent in the military encounter unique educational and emotional challenges related to enrollment, course placement, and graduation because of frequent moves and deployment of their parents.”

Within 14 days of the arrival date on official military documentation, the parent must provide the school district with proof of residence in the city.

The students who are eligible are enrolled in kindergarten through the 12th grade who are children of active-duty personnel, active-duty personnel or veterans who have been severely injured and medically discharged, active-duty personnel who die on active duty, or as a result of injuries sustained on active duty for one year after death. Students who are not eligible for the provisions are children of National Guard or military reserves, retired personnel and veterans not included in the eligible category, or U.S. Department of Defense and other federal civilian service employees and contract employees.

The policy gives instructions on enrollment in Shelton schools, and for high school students and their parents, steps on determining testing and graduation requirements.

The superintendent will have the discretion on granting excused absences when the student’s parent or legal guardian who is a fulltime, active member of the uniformed serves has been called to duty, is on leave or immediately returned from deployment to a combat support or posting.

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