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Flowers, meetings and 'all kinds of weather'

Pretty much a typical week for Mary and Sam. Johnnie Pope got married this week.

Monday, May 22, 1950

Today was warm and I cleaned house good. Made potato salad to take to White Shrine. Sam washed clothes and now this evening he is mowing the lawn. It surely looks good. Mrs. Rose Mann and Mr. and Mrs. Irish of San Diego came down to see the flowers. Eddie Fischler and Al Orie were down also. Rec'd our pictures of installation so officers can have them Thursday. Wrote quite a few invitations to past matrons and patrons for June 8. Went to Mae Housen's and got another hostess for the door as one of mine could not come. Squires came down and he weeded and seeded the garden by the cabin. Tomorrow he will spray for caterpillars. Have a dressmaker lined up to make my blue formal for grand chapter. Went to White Shrine. We had a small crowd but agreed on a project to make $100 for our treasury which we sorely need. Home late.

Tuesday, May 23, 1950

Sam made breakfast while I ironed and now it is all done. Am I glad. A lovely day. Sam walked up to the water tank. Found out it had a split. Now to mend, that is one of our problems. We had to put Queenie in the washroom as she started to follow Sam up pipeline. Checked my calendar. It is up to date. To Harrison Hospital where I called on Donna Fatland and gave her a baby cup for her new daughter from the chapter. Home and over to Pricilla Chapter and saw their first meeting. Sam saw Ethel Mills whom he had not seen for 12 years. She is also an old friend of Blanche Hackett. Home late.

Wednesday, May 24, 1950

A bright sunny day. I slept late. Sam had fire going but said he hardly slept all night. Ate and went to Gorst to get my hair waved at 11. Squires was here and sprayed all the caterpillars. Home and cleaned up some notes. My scrapbook is up to date, and I studied in my ritual. To Poulsbo chapter where they had a very good crowd. We enjoyed the Mother's Day program in which Mrs. Drummond was the honored mother. The decorations were dogwood. They served a lovely salad, and I got the recipe. I was home about 11. Went alone as there was no one to go along. A nice evening.

Thursday, May 25, 1950

Arose late. Sam had already eaten and gone out to cruise some timber with Tom K. Cleaned house and to Gorst where I had my hair recombed. It looks very nice. Rec'd letter from Florence Morris and Bertha Attridge. Sam and Emmett went into town to get some new tires. They say tires are going up. The letters are all ready to mail to past matrons and patrons. Went to chapter early. The initiation went very well. The chapter room was decorated with red hawthorn and was very lovely. I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves. We finished at 10:15 so everyone was happy. Alma Nelson gave me a lovely iris corsage and a white ritual cover. To bed late.

Friday, May 26, 1950

This was a warm day and then it rained so we had all kinds of weather. Did not go to Seattle as I was too weary. Can go later. Cleaned house and then went up to Mae Housen's where I made quite a few phone calls. Then home and cut more lilacs and filled the house. They smell so sweet! Sam fried the sole and made a good salad, so we had a very nice dinner. Then I went to the recital at the school. Sam went with the PUD man and then they went up to the Masonic Temple where Henry was taking his first degree. There was a full house at the recital and everyone I knew was there. It was all very nice. To Betty Fischler's and we had a nice visit. To bed late. Quite a day.

Saturday, May 27, 1950

Slept late. Then I cleaned house while Sam washed clothes. Then we went up and picked some rhododendrons. Found some nice ones over out on Razor Bros. Took Queenie along, she enjoyed it. Later got my papers all out to write but it was so cold I had to come in and build a fire. Georgia Neiman and her husband came by on their way down the canal. I showed them the flowers and we had a nice visit. Sam was up at Belfair so did not see them. To Johnnie Pope's wedding and practically everyone was there. There was a beautiful arch in the east which was covered with rhododendrons and the four white baskets were full of flowers. Arlene was a lovely bride in a white satin gown Alice made. There was a lovely reception downstairs. They cut the bride's cake and served punch and coffee. Presents galore. Six blankets all different, three spreads electrical equipment etc. Then to open house at Alice and Georges for their 25th anniversary. They served lunch and cut a cake. Then some of the men played cards and women sat around. Talked to one of Alice's cousins who has a place at Kingston. We went home at 12 as it was time to go. Some more came just then so I suppose it went on for hours.

Sunday, May 28, 1950

Arose late to find it chilly out but a good day to go to the cemetery. Wonder how John and Annie can have their picnic on such a cold day? They have too many invited to stay indoors with no other entertainment but drinking and eating. Seems it would be a boring affair. To the cemetery and put flowers on Papa's grave. Sam pulled up ferns. Tomorrow we will go up again and finish it. Then cleaned up and drove to Volunteer Park where we put the rhododendrons on Sam's mother, father and grandfather's graves. We were early birds as not too many graves were decorated. The sun was out, and the park was crowded with people. We drove out on the Tacoma Highway and had Mexican food. It was very good. We had a piece of wild blackberry pie on our way in so thought it was very good. Saw some wonderful rhododendrons in Tacoma. One huge bush. To Ruby's but only Van was home so back to Belfair and got our stove going. Very cold out and windy. To bed early. Tired.

Clydene Hostetler was a longtime Belfair resident and historian. She now resides on a classic wooden boat on the Columbia River. She has been researching Mary Theler's life for the past 17 years. She can be emailed at [email protected]


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