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Eric "Wig" Williams

On February 4th, 1981, a force of nature was born when Eric "Wig" Williams entered the world. From his earliest moments, he lived life to his own rhythm and speed with unparalleled determination to do it all to the fullest and fastest extent. A loveable badass, Wig's creativity was endless as was his generosity and the depth of his heart. He bled adventure, and loved nothing more than a last minute boat cruise or road trip, searching for "rusty gold" and treasures...his friends came to call these adventures being "Wig-napped" as they never knew when or where they'd end up.

Wig's passion for carbureted engines was evident from toddler days, where in the shadows of Grandpa Bruce and father Tommy, he learned to work on projects in the shop. Wig and his brothers grew up at the Elma Raceway, spending every weekend during the summers at the track. Country boy's race and ride 'til the end..."DIRT'S FOR RACING AND ASPHALT'S FOR GETTIN' THERE," as their dad always said. His love for hot rods and the outlaw lifestyle was legendary, as was his gift for collecting the best people from all walks of life...everyone has a 'Wig story', and each story is as unforgettable, as his one-of-a-kind presence.

He was preceded in death by his Grandpa Bruce and Grandpa Leroy, and is survived by his grandmother, Corinne Williams "Granny," grandmother Carole Fox, parents Tommy Williams and Diana Dale, older brother Justin Williams and, niece Madison and nephew Jamison, younger brother Casey and sister-in-law Rachel Williams, also nephews Carter and Hudson, aunt Debbie Hurst, aunts and uncles Debbie and Gregg Guidi, Ginny Dale and Pat O'Neil, Linda and Chris Kneeland, and uncles Mike Dale and Jim Dale, as well as numerous cousins and extended family members on both sides, and a close group of friends who he considered family.

Wig was and will always be the better half of our better times, and the love his family, friends, and community all have for him will live on! While we will miss him endlessly, we will continue to honor his memory the only way he would allow...laughing, loving, and raising hell in characteristic 'Wiggy style.'

A community tribute, including a car convoy through downtown Shelton and a fundraiser will be held on March 9th, 2024, from 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. at The Pavilion – 190 W. Sentry Dr. in Shelton.


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