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Mary's Memoirs

'Oh was it cold!' Mary and Sam bear near-zero temps

More snow. There was lots of ice on the canal. Doing chores like cleaning house and the wash and attending lots of meetings and a dance. Hey! Did you see that the ground hog didn't see its shadow? We can only hope spring is on its way.

Sunday, Jan. 29, 1950

Arose at 8:30 and looked at the temperature, 8 above. Let out dog and cat and fed them. Turned up the stoves and slept about an hour more. Then Sam got up about 11:30 so we ate late. Cleaned house, made fire in wood stove and oh, it's so cozy in here now. Very sunny out up to now. Looks like snow, it's 3 o'clock. Read the papers and fooled...


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