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"Lightnin" Larry Goldsby


"Lightnin," aka Larry Goldsby, passed away on January 18, 2024. Born in Olympia, WA on January 13, 1939 to Carl Wesley Goldsby and Myrtle Donna Whittle, the family moved to Shelton the following year. The Goldsby brothers were loggers, and very early in Lightnin's childhood he often went to work with his Dad and uncles. It was his uncle Happ who gave him the name Lightnin because he could move so fast. Around the age of 10, he and his cousin "Pete", (also re-named by uncle Happ), spent many summers working and helping their uncle Ike Prather on his farm at Black Lake. Uncle Ike logged the area with a team of horses and the boys worked the horses.

Lightnin graduated from Shelton High School in 1958 and entered the U.S. Coast Guard. After returning home, he spent many years in the logging industry, and for several years he owned and operated The Log Cabin Tavern. He had a deep love of the woods, fishing, hunting, wildlife and his family.

The last 18½ wonderful years were spent with the love of his life, Janet, who he leaves behind with son Gerald, daughter Julie Goldsby, daughter Trina Reynolds, and Janet's children: Isaac Craig, Lisa Wilson Harrell, Thea Wilson Nevadunsky and Haleigh Vance. He is also survived by his sisters Carol Goldsby and Linda Booth. Preceding him in death were his parents Carl and Myrtle; sisters Donna Green and Pricilla Zelinski Petty; his brothers Erwin, Doug and Gerald "Poncho;" and a daughter, Dottie, who passed the same day, within hours of her Dad.

A service will be announced later this summer.


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