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The power of ‘yes’

Editor, the Journal,

■ 60+1: an age for contemplating retirement.

■ 60+1: exceeding the speed limit on U.S. Highway 101 (a bit.)

■ 60+1: a supermajority — the percentage of “yes” votes needed to pass a bond measure for school construction.

We are retired, live in Union, and have no children or grandkids who attend Hood Canal School, where passage of the current bond measure will do much to bolster “Orca Pride.” In fact, the improvements the bond addresses, if passed, will do much to enrich our entire community.

Recently, we visited Hood Canal School and noticed many things: displays showcasing student work, bright posters reinforcing positive attitudes ... and we noticed the school building is outdated and lacks adequate space.

Preschoolers need a spacious classroom where they can explore and learn, developing vital skills for K-12 success. Their classroom is overcrowded and lacks space for all. About 50% of eligible preschoolers must be turned away, and the teacher’s desk is in a closet to give the students a bit more room.

Research tells us math and literacy learning is supported when students participate in music and art classes. Hood Canal School has no music classroom. Art class is held on the edge of the gym, a former stage, poorly lit, with no running water. The echo of bouncing balls and students’ voices in gym class interrupt concentration.

The school library sorely needs expansion and project space that includes supportive technology. Science, engineering and technology classes require project labs. Our students deserve opportunities that meet current educational requirements.

On our visit, we also noticed areas that need improved safety, from the current bus loop to the playground, where students with disabilities want to access equipment. Wheelchairs cannot move through pea gravel! These critical issues are addressed in the Feb. 13 bond proposal. 60+1: your “yes” vote could be the one vote that makes the difference for the students and staff at Hood Canal School. And for our entire community.

Barbara and Kevin Hoonan, , retired teachers, Union

Trump hater

Editor, the Journal,

Karen Bouton’s letter asks why Donald Trump hasn’t been prosecuted after these many years. She’s a political pawn being moved around the political board, encouraged to ask questions like these.

The Summer of Love (2020) had nationwide riots that caused $2,000,000,000 damage, 164 structure fires, 700 police officers injured and many murders. Rioters took over an area in Seattle known as the CHOP District for four days. They ran off the police from the police precinct. During this time there were three murders with no consequences. Portland had one murder and the rioters attempted to burn down a federal building. Since then, the vast majority of cases have been dismissed; only one case was prosecuted. Jan. 6: one death by heart attack with 561 arrests and 335 sent to jail and only one person released. Wikipedia said one liberal press thought Jan. 6 was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined. This is the type of thinking by irrational individuals discussing Jan. 6. Karen’s more concerned with prosecuting Trump than getting justice for 700 police officers or the $2,000,000,000 dollars of damage, much to private businesses or individuals. One pundit said it best. The reason Jan. 6 is in the headlines whereas the hundreds of lethal protests are not is that “community riots only affected the little people whereas the Jan. 6 riots affected the ‘important’ people.” Poor Patty Murray and Nancy Pelosi; both were nervous. Karen’s concern is misplaced likely because she’s a Trump hater.

Ardean Anvik, Shelton


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