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Unjustice system

Editor, the Journal,

There's an important development happening in our Superior Court in Mason County. Everyone needs to know how unjust our justice system has become.

The appeal court had a resentencing for Asaria M., one of the co-defendants in the murder of my daughter in 2012. In September, our Superior Court had a resentencing for a murderer. The courtroom was full. The people who showed for the victim, Barbie G., were family and close friends. The defendant had every special interest group from Seattle in attendance for this court date and showed with force. Remember our judicial system and woke are into the equity and reparation phase. The expert that was used by her counsel and all the different liberal organizations that have been fighting for her stated that she was not mature enough to understand what she had done. This "doctor" stated that all young people really don't mature until they reach the age of 26 years, their brains aren't developed enough to know right from wrong and that they should not be accountable for any crime they commit until the age of maturity. In other words, they can do any crime and as many as they want until 26 years of age and not be punished? My opinion: If you do a crime, you should have a punishment that goes with the crime you have done. Asaria M. was old enough to make an adult decision in planning and executing a premeditated murder.

Asaria M. was sentenced to 33½ years back in 2013 for the murder. At resentencing, Judge Monty Cobb was out of line and not with the majority of the community or country when he did his findings. He coddled the defendant with his woke opinions and resentenced her to 14 years, which he did not have to do, which means she will probably be free soon with good time. She's only been in prison for 10 years of the 33½ years. Four little children are left with no mom since 2012!

Our country/world is spiraling out of control and innocent people are paying the price. There are lots of families going through this upside-down justice system and it will continue until we the people stand up for justice. It is dangerous and sad this is happening. I worry about the criminals getting away with the crimes they have done and continuing to hurt families, friends and the community. I believe Cobb is one of the problems for our lack of justice.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate the fact that others really care and are fed up with the uprooting of our society. Stay strong and be careful out there.

Barbara Lyon, Shelton

A new Halloween tradition?

Editor, the Journal,

The Books, Brownies & Beans book sale (BB&B) has been raising money for local nonprofits for 20 years. We have been involved for about a decade. This past October, BB&B raised $16,400 and, as usual, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the successful sale, especially the children, entranced by the opportunity to make their own book selections. An idea was born; we took advantage of the "$5 a bag" offer and loaded up a grocery bag with children's books. When Halloween Day rolled around, the Walsh household was ready to fend off tricks with a basket of mini candies and a large box of books. We were visited by 22 children that day and we offered each one "candy or book?" To our gratification but no surprise, only five kids chose candy; the other 17 chose books.

In this time of turmoil and distrust, a ray of peace and hope brought to you by the children of Shelton. We can't wait till next year.

Linda and Brian Walsh, Shelton

A heathen practice

Editor, the Journal,

Who else finds it interesting that all these years Shelton called itself the Christmas Tree Town when the Bible explicitly warns against that "heathen" practice?

Jeremiah 10:2-4 King James Version (KJV):

"Thus saith the Lord, learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for only the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of those people are vain: for they cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and gold, [ornaments] they fasten it with nails and with hammer that it move not."

Happy holidays to all the unique people in Shelton and Mason County who hold differing worldviews as we happily celebrate them differently on these dark and cold days.

There's no "war on Christmas." Be happy and rejoice.

Darrell Barker, Shelton


Editor, the Journal,

This letter is in rebuttal to two letters from Mr. Graham and Mr. Anvik. In response to Mr. Graham, I was educating the ex-educator regarding his apparent ignorance of the Christian right's efforts of denying women their reproductive rights, denying gays and lesbians their equal rights, denying students their right to truth, and of course denying the election results to the voters of America. In response to Mr. Anvik, I did not accuse Mr. Graham of hate, though his numerous letters to the Journal provide ample evidence implying such. 

In a lengthy questionnaire, Mr. Anvik requested Democratic enlightenment regarding abortion. Word constraints limit a comprehensive answer to this serious issue but suffice to say late-term abortions are rare and partial birth abortions are extremely rare and only preformed when the life of the expectant mother is in jeopardy or the fetus is deemed fatally defective. These are women who dearly wanted their child, endured heartbreaking decisions, and went through intensive counseling and medical evaluation. They are not some selfish irresponsible person making a very tardy choice to end their pregnancy of a healthy baby.

Forcing a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term is a form of slavery outlawed in the 1860s.

I look forward to further enlightenment. Meanwhile, maybe Mr. Graham and Mr. Anvik can exercise their general disdain for our country's condition and meet up at a Trump rally.

J. Anderson, Shelton

The case for some abortions

Editor, the Journal,

My name was mentioned in the Journal, and I know that arguing with someone such as the author is useless, as he pointed out.

No one celebrates the death of the unborn, but the reversal of Roe v. Wade and the laws in many states eliminating all recourse to abortion is not the answer. In today's world, my former neighbor, Michelle, would be forced to give birth to a child with the horrors of Tay Sachs disease. When Betty's spontaneous abortion occurred, it was found that the fetus had not survived beyond the first month, but a tumor had continued to grow. She barely survived the toxicity. Had her country doctor not been a quack, he would have known to perform an abortion when the fetus first died, but that would now not be allowed in the state where she lived.

Right to life is not the appropriate term to use against abortion, but right to birth, regardless of the circumstances. One writer claimed the hypocrisy of being for abortion but against the death penalty, but his position was also hypocrisy, just the other way around. Currently, a 48-hour cooling-off period is not an option, and in the case of risks to the mother's health, not even advisable.

Rapists should be held accountable, but certainly not by another death.

According to the CDC, the abortion rate for teens is 0.4 per 1,000 live births, with the largest proportion of abortions being young women in their 20s (of voting age) not younger girls, and not 50 percent.

How is DEI relevant to the unborn? To the mother, yes, particularly if she lives in areas where health resources are few, if any.

Planned Parenthood was the major source for contraceptives, particularly for the poor, and those whose insurance did not cover it.

Barbara Denton, Shelton

Abortion answers

Editor, the Journal,

A response to Mr. Anvik in the Dec. 7 edition of the Journal:

The "crime" is the act of taking away people's rights. Extreme right evangelical Christians and Christian nationalists are pushing Republican politicians to extremes. Thank goodness for the Christians who are breaking away from the extremists (crime was your word).

Republicans don't follow science for COVID, for the environment, for gender and sexuality issues. And they certainly do not understand a woman's body.

Could it be butchering the Second Amendment to think it intended to include any gun imaginable?

"Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." It is Republicans taking away those rights.

Democrats do not "celebrate" any death. Republicans celebrate the death penalty, give thoughts and prayers to the victims of mass shootings and don't care at all about the health of women. How screwed up is that?

Now to the questions.

1. Because Democrats do believe in science and humanity.

2. "Partial birth" is not a medical term, it is a political scare word. This procedure is very rarely done. And done for the health of the woman. Viability is 23 to 28 weeks. Most abortions are done before the 20th week.

3. Women, families are given counseling, options. A service given by anyone providing abortions.

4. Life in prison.

5. They would vote to uphold the rights of women.

6. Diversity, equity, inclusion. Republicans want none of these for anyone.

7. Planned Parenthood closing in Shelton is a shame. Planned Parenthood offers counseling, access to contraceptives and many more services to all kinds of people for all kinds of health issues.

Women from all political sides and all religions have had abortions. The decision is very private, very personal.

No matter what I think or you think, it is none of our business. It certainly is not the business of politicians and judges.

Donna Holliday, Shelton


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