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Elliott Anders Madea

Another day in paradise!

Elliott Anders Madea was born March 27, 1991, at Mason General Hospital, and he died October 26, 2023, at Mason General Hospital, after a tragic car accident on Hwy 101. He was the beloved son of Anita Madea and boyfriend of Brittni Mallea. And he was a dear friend of many others all over town and in Olympia. He also loved all his dogs very, very, very much, throughout his life. Four are still at home and wonder where he is! A big softy for all animals. We sorely miss his great hugs.

Always busy, he played soccer, baseball, basketball, roller hockey, BMX bike riding and racing, skate boarding, snowboarding, swimming, and track. He was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout, attending several scouting summer camps, including one in Alaska. He also participated in Young Marines.

He attended Shelton schools, earned an AA degree at Olympic College, and then an AAS at Renton Technical College in land surveying. He loved nature and the outdoors, woods, streams, hills, fresh air, hiking, camping, rock hounding. His favorite part of land surveying was being on the crews in the field.

His main hobby was music. He sang, wrote songs, was in several bands, and played many instruments: keyboard, piano, organ, djembe, drums, trumpet, and didgeridoo (to name a few). Elliott also loved attending music festivals, having a good time, and even doing fire dancing. They say he was one of the best! Another hobby was building drones. He even got a Remote Pilot Certification. He recorded many beautiful videos of landscapes, and he evaluated the best path through the woods while carrying land surveying equipment. His latest hobby was firearms. He actually was fond of shooting air soft guns in his youth. More recently he planned for hunting and self-defense.

Most important was his character. He was a bright light, kind, positive, loyal, friendly, upbeat, and honest. He influenced a massive number of people, teaching, encouraging, coaching, and helping them make better decisions. All this was with humility. "Another day in paradise" was his motto. It has been a joy and an honor to know him.

Celebration of Life event will be 12/16/2023 at the Steamboat Island Grange, also called Prosperity Grange, located at 3701 Steamboat Island Rd. NW, Olympia, WA 98502, 360-866-3909. It is planned and hosted by his musician friends. Doors open at 3:00 pm, service starts at 5:00,then a time for folks to make comments, fire spinning about 6:00, and music by local bands and musicians thereafter, from about 6:45 pm to 5:00 am.


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