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Sherryl Diane Phipps

Sherryl Diane Phipps passed away Thursday November 9, 2023 at Samaritan Community Hospital in Lebanon Oregon. She was companied by her oldest son John and younger sister Cathy.

Sherryl Diane Phipps was born on February 25th, 1949, in Brighton Colorado to Calvin Groomer and Bernice Exline. Her father, Calvin, unfortunately died soon after her birth in an automobile accident. From about the age two, she was raised by her stepfather Ethan Exline. She was raised in a loving family as one of the middle children with five other siblings: Bethan, Rance, Rodney, Calvin, and Cathy (oldest to youngest).

Her family originally lived in Colorado, but when Sherryl was around the age of ten, they moved to Oregon. First to a farm near Silverton, then to McMinnville where Sherryl would end up spending the rest of her school years. She graduated from McMinnville High School in 1967. During her high school years, she was very social, outgoing and involved with school life.

After Sherryl graduated, she spent some time at business college and ended up working in the banking industry. In the mid 1970’s, she met the love of her life, William (Bill) Phipps, and got married in December 1976. Bill had three children John, Kim, and Michael. Sherryl raised Bill’s children as her own. Bill and Sherryl loved to travel and went on many adventures around the world, making many memories together.

Later in her life she found employment at Consolidated Freightways in Portland. It was then that she concluded her studies and obtained a Master’s Degree in Business. Sherryl ended up working at consolidated Freightways until her retirement.

After her retirement, she and Bill relocated to Shelton, Washington to be near his side of the family. After her mom (Berniece) became ill, Sherryl moved her up to Shelton to be close to her. Sherryl was her primary caregiver until she passed away in 2011. Unfortunately, Bill also passed away a few months later in January 2012 from cancer. This was a very difficult time for Sherryl as she cared for and witnessed the passing of the two most important people in her life.

Sherryl stayed in Shelton for some time near family but eventually moved down to Sweet Home, Oregon to be near her sister Cathy and other family. In Sweet Home, she kept herself busy with cooking, quilting, gardening, attending church and spending quality time with her oldest son John and sister Cathy.

Sherryl loved family and had special relationships with various family members. She was a kind, compassionate and intelligent person. She was always ready and willing to help someone in need.

She will be missed by her surviving siblings Rance, Calvin and Cathy, her three children John, Kim and Michael, six grandchildren Josh, Julia, William, Stacy, Austin, and Leevon, six great grandchildren Page, Emma, Samantha, Sawyer, Addison, and Natalie, and many nieces and nephews.

Sherryl’s memorial service will be held Saturday December 2, 2023 at 11am in Sweet Home, OR at the Highway 20 Church of Christ.


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