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Hood Canal school bond falling short

The Hood Canal School District’s proposed $33.5-million building bond to create space for preschool classrooms, an American With Disabilities Act-accessible playground, arts, music and science, and replace a 70-year-old transportation facility was falling short on the first ballot count Tuesday evening.

The bond received 955 “yes” votes for 57.22%, and 714 “no” votes for 42.78%. A 60% majority is required for the bond to pass. A similar bond proposal failed by 80 votes in February 2020.

“We’re grateful for our community’s support for our school,” Superintendent Lance Gibbon wrote to the Journal. “Early results show us just 47 votes short of meeting the 60 percent threshold to pass the bond. We’re encouraged that the majority of voters understand the needs in our school are invested in our students’ success. Our staff are going great work and that’s not going to change. Hood Canal is a school to watch — the best is yet to come!”

Passage of the bond would add a tax of $1.05 per $1,000 of home value. During the campaign to pass the bond, Gibbon said residents currently pay the lowest tax rate of the seven school districts in Mason County, and passage of the bond would still pay the second lowest in the county at $1.70 per $1,000 of assessed property value. Only the Grapeview School District would have a lower tax rate at $1.44, according to the district.

Local school races

■ Laurie Cox, Heather Stoffle and Bri Rasmussen, all running unopposed, were elected to terms on the Southside School Board.

■ Wes Martin, Edrie Price and Les Okonek, all running unopposed, won terms on the Grapeview School Board.

■ Alexander Ushman, Cynthia Brehmeyer and Jack Goldy, all running unopposed, won terms on the Mary M. Knight School Board.

■ On the Pioneer School Board, Rebecca Bechtolt and Rick Lee won seats running unopposed. For Director Position 3, Robert Clark was holding a slim lead over Jim Christie with a 987-974 margin. Ellory Rowe secured a seat as Director Position 4 over Nicholas Stone by a margin of 1,271 to 590.

■ On the North Mason School Board, Erik Youngberg and Nicole Gonzalez Timmons won seats running unopposed.

■ Kimberly Miller, Paul Thompson and Annie Robbins won seats running unopposed on the Hood Canal School Board. For Director Position 4, Rebecca Roadman had a three-vote lead on Jimmy Harris at 780 to 770.

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Shelton-Mason County Journal & Belfair Herald


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