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Subdivisions proposed in Mason County

Six proposed subdivisions have 1,024 lots

Hundreds of proposed housing units may be on their way to the Shelton area.

Pending projects in the works include subdivisions in Grandview, Coffee Creek, Meadows Edge, Olympic Heights, Natalie Heights and Bayview Terrace, Jae Hill, the City of Shelton's community and economic development director, told an audience Oct. 12 at Windermere Real Estate's Economic and Housing Market Forecast at Mason General Hospital in Shelton.

Those six proposed subdivisions are on 1,024 lots, Hill said. Another has been completed for 36 lots.

"We've got a lot of stuff going on," Hill said.

In his presentation on the city granting building permits, Hill said 2022-2023 has been "slow on single-family, heavy on subdivisions."

The pending projects include 365 proposed lots in the Coffee Creek subdivision, 64 in the Grandview subdivision, 36 in the Meadows Edge subdivision, 200 in the Olympic Heights subdivision, 80 in the Natalie Heights subdivision and 279 in the Bayview Terrace subdivision.

In 2022 and so far in 2023, the city has granted only four final home permits, while five homes have been demolished, for a loss of one home.

The city wants to create zones for multifamily housing, Hill said. "We need a place apartment buildings can be built," he said.

The county is forecasted to need 10,872 new houses by 2043. Currently, there are 21,023 owner households in the county.

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