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Debra Watters

When she was last sitting at the table with us, Mom instructed us to write her a colorful obituary. If you knew Debra Watters, you would know that was very much her style. In fact, after finding out she had late-stage cancer with a limited amount of time left, she insisted we keep laughing. She refused to be sad about leaving this world, thus, an obituary befitting the absolute force that was our mother.

When she passed on September 1st, her husband, Larry Watters, was waiting for her just beyond the moon. She left six of us kids here: Joshua Stone in Montesano, Dondra Newbill in Montesano, Justin Watters in Gig Harbor, Sarah Watters in Olympia, Miranda Matchett in Montesano and Charlotte Rathbun in Tacoma. We've got a gaggle of kids between us: Christina, Karl (who did meet her in Heaven), Sidney, Corrina, Miranda, Annie, Annalynn, Alley, Joseph, Rossi, Ben, Donovan, Avery, Kate, Lily, Liza, Kiora and Trinity. Let us not forget her only great-grand, Luciano. She also left her brother Greg Mattocks, her brother Donnie Lynn, her sister Brenda Cleveland and her sister, Linda Mattocks behind. Yes, we did our best to keep her laughing, but that is an awful lot of hearts hurting here today.

She was born on January 10th, 1956. Hers was a life of service to others; she was a cosmetologist for more than 23 years, at one point owning her own salon. Both before and afterward, she cooked and served food to more people and in more places than any of us can even remember. Debiann's love language WAS food, and she never had an empty fridge or an empty plate if you happened by. Pie was another word for love in our family and if she made you one, she loved you. Plain and simple. Well...they were neither plain, nor simple...but...

As hard as it is for us here without her, we are all comforted knowing she's up there with so many others she loved. If there's a street in Heaven, Mom has the prettiest house with the loveliest garden, and we're certain she's got a porch full of company enjoying her sweet tea. Her husband, her mother, her grandson, and a handful of other family and her very dearest friends were all waiting for her to get there. Can you imagine the pie? The smell of the honeysuckle? Do you think laughter echoes in Heaven?

We will be holding a private event to enjoy Mom's memories. But if you're missing her, know you're not alone, and try to find a smile. Pay for someone's coffee when you get a chance or the groceries for the single mom in line behind you, and don't ever, ever tell someone you like their pie best, and when you can, look up at the moon.


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