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Lady Murray

Lady, my little Wigglebutt, was rescued by her Mom, Theresa Murray, at the Shelton-Mason County Journal, March 24, 2017. She was about 8 years old and had run away from home multiple times (she lived behind the newspaper) before she came to my house as her forever home. She loved walks, treats, her toys, and falling asleep on them, with them in her mouth. She would yap at any passerby, human or animal, and wiggle her little butt in excitement. She lived with her other favorite human, Tosha, Lucy the cat, (who passed away 6 weeks before Lady), Marnie, her 3-year-old dog sibling, and Achilles, the year-old pup. Lady was about 14 years old when she passed ofa heart murmur, enlarged liver, and an

aerial disease in her lung. She brought so much love and joy to our home that the loss is still felt.


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