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John "Jack" McGoldrick

John "Jack" McGoldrick passed away peacefully at his family home in Shelton, Washington with family by his side. Born in New York, New York, on June 29, 1941, Jack was the son of Francis and Marjorie (Velsor) McGoldrick.

He was a man of faith, courage, conviction, and action who left an indelible mark on the lives he touched. Jack's strong resolve and consistent efforts helped him achieve remarkable milestones and navigate through challenging times. His innate friendliness and genuine warmth made people feel instantly at ease in his presence. His dedication to an active lifestyle contributed to his athleticism and fitness, setting an inspiring example for others. Raised as a military dependent, Jack attended various schools across different countries, ultimately graduating high school in Germany. He pursued higher education at American University and later graduated from the University of Washington, where he met Bonnie Tuor, his beloved soul mate and wife of 58 years. Bonnie had passed away the year prior. In his military service within the Army, Jack found himself stationed in Germany, a country he had previously called home during his high school years.

His global upbringing, which included living in Japan, enriched his perspective and broadened his horizons. During his time in Germany, he even showcased his musical talent as a guitarist in a rock and roll band, performing at various venues. After his military service, he pursued his passion for music by attending the Cornish Music School in Seattle, focusing on classical guitar recitals. In his initial career, Jack excelled as a human resources professional, making significant contributions at Boeing, The City of Seattle, and King County. His colleagues and superiors held him in high regard due to his unwavering dedication and outstanding performance. While consistently earning stellar reviews, Jack remained committed to self-improvement and excellence in his role.

With expertise as a seasoned personnel analyst, he earned a SHRP credential and specialized in compensation, classification, position description, and job analysis. His proficiency extended to working collaboratively with unions on compensation matters and engaging in negotiations. Coworkers valued his extensive knowledge and leaned on his experience. Even after transitioning to part-time status post-retirement, Jack's productivity matched or surpassed that of full-time employees in yearly evaluations. Amid his career commitments, Jack embarked on a new adventure – flying. He cultivated a deep interest in aviation, becoming proficient in various aircraft models, including float planes. He eventually acquired his favorite plane model, a Mooney M20, and also became a flight instructor, sharing his passion for flying with others. Jack's retirement party drew a large crowd, a testament to his impact, and he gracefully declined an offer to return to work from the City of Seattle. He continued instructing in complex aircraft, focusing on Mooney planes, as he transitioned into full-time retirement.

Jack's legacy also encompassed his dedication to volunteering. He was a board member at the Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union and had previously chaired the Supervisory Committee for 13 years. In the aviation community, he held the role of President at the Washington Pilots Association, advocating for the preservation of small airports and advancing general aviation. His commitment extended to providing Annual Mountain flying seminars, enhancing pilots' safety and skills. His prowess as an accomplished pilot and master flight instructor earned him numerous awards and accolades. Jack's legacy as an accomplished pilot, master flight instructor, and dedicated professional was punctuated by numerous awards and recognitions.

Yet, his greatest joys were found in his roles as a devoted husband, loving father, and nurturing mentor. His flight ratings, including CFII, Instrument, Commercial, and additional endorsements, spoke to his versatility and expertise. Jack is survived by his son, Mark McGoldrick, and his siblings: Patricia Murphy, Deborah Tannenbaum, Dr. William Tauber, Robert Tauber, and Pamela Smith.


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