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Kenny Lee Marshall

Kenny Lee Marshall, born July 9, 1953, passed away January 27, 2019.

It's the fourth year we've been celebrating Kenny's birthday without him. I decided last Saturday that I was ready to put a short Memoriam in the Journal.

Ken played music at more than 20 weddings in Washington State. Most were in Mason County venues. I'm hoping to be able to gather any form of "home movies" of his wedding song(s) for his grandchildren, and the rest of us who love him. Any other movies of him, whether he's singing, and playing or not, are welcomed!

Ken got his first guitar on July 9, 1961. He had an exceptional voice. He went from being an Eagle Scout to an expert rated shooter, from baseball player to marshal arts practitioner, Ken excelled at everything he did. He kept almost every friend that he ever made. He was so funny; I used to laugh with him until my face was wet with tears of laughter. He was a best friend to more than a dozen people, and my best friend, lover, and partner for 30 years; he used to say "we are truly blessed." I hope he's singing, laughing and playing in the "big band in the sky". I will always remain truly blessed by my husband Ken.

I am planning on digitalizing the videos that are submitted and will make copies upon request. Text me: Dianne Marshall (707) 798-7071; or send a note to: PO Box 706 Union, WA 98592.


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