Real experience

Editor, the Journal,

Superior Court Judge Cadine Ferguson-Brown is being challenged by David Stevens.

You should consider each candidates’ work history by reviewing their resumes and applications submitted to the Governor’s Office.

Judge Cadine Ferguson-Brown is the only candidate with judicial experience – first as Mason County Superior Court commissioner and currently as judge. Her strength in civil and family law, which represents 75% to 80% of Mason County court filings, is an asset to this busy court. She is also experienced in presiding over criminal trials, sentencings, drug and mental health courts. She takes her responsibility to hold convicted felons accountable for their crimes seriously. Judge Ferguson-Brown is experienced in the handling of domestic-violence protection petitions, as well as cases involving the protection of children (dependency cases).

This is just a thumbnail sketch of what she does as a judge. It is not an easy job. I know. I served, briefly, as a superior court judge and subsequently as a district court judge for over 24 years here in Mason County.

One of the factors to be considered is stability in employment. Judge Cadine Ferguson-Brown began her legal practice in New York 2007 to 2013. She moved with her family to Western Washington as her husband’s Navy career took them to Whidbey Island and Bremerton. She opened her law office in 2013 and practiced law in Mason, Kitsap and Island counties, earning her the respect which led to her appointment as Mason County court commissioner in 2021 and as Mason County Superior Court judge in 2022. I urge you to compare her stability in employment to her opponent’s.

Judge Cadine Ferguson-Brown has the experience, integrity and demeanor to continue as our superior court judge. Please join me in her campaign.

Victoria Meadows, retired judge, Shelton

More words, please

Editor, the Journal,

I applaud the Journal’s effort to bring some sense into the letter columns where sometimes long, looking-in-the-mirror and pointing-finger rants dominate the column.

However, I was pained to see the 300-word restriction. I have posted a couple of articles and I had to squeeze fairly hard to come close to limiting them to the 400-word goal I set for myself. Those articles could undoubtedly have been cut to 300 but I feel pertinent information would have been lost.

Scott Peterson, Shelton

Elect the ‘lefties’

Editor, the Journal,

As a representative of the minority group known as “lefties,” I take exception to Mr. Anvik’s comments in a letter to the editor in the June 1 Journal.

“Lefties” have been victims of discrimination for centuries. Through the years, this prejudice evolved into outright cruelty. We have been tortured and jailed, identified as a child of the devil, burned at the stake and had our hands tied behind our backs so as not to be different from everyone else.

You “righties” have always been right and we “lefties” have always been oppressed because of differences and fear. When has any of these beliefs, that I listed above, been based on science, logic and facts? Science is just beginning to discover how great “lefties” really are.

A Wikipedia article ( http://www.tinyurl.com/mpusnbsy ) states the following:

“Biologist Amar Klar studied handedness and determined that left-handed people ... have a wider scope of thinking.” [5] In a 2019 Journal of Neurosurgery article, Nathan R. Selden argued that since left-handed people are right-hemisphere-dominant individuals, this might make presidents “more effective leaders or at least more effective political candidates.”

Since World War II, there have been a total of six presidents who were “lefties.” They are Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. This certainly would explain a lot about the U.S.’s current state of affairs. It looks like we need to elect more “lefties” as U.S. president!

“Righties” have always been obsessed with dominating and controlling the world. All we “lefties” ask is that you give science, logic and facts a chance so you can see how equal, unique and really great we “lefties” and “righties” really are.

Sandra Schwarz, Shelton


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