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Mary and Sam eat plenty of 'gue-duck' this week

Mary and Sam take a ride down to Union then to Hoodsport in the evening. Nice thing to do to cool off. Strawberries are in season big time. "Gue-duck" chowder and strawberry shortcake was the food for this week.

Saturday, June 11, 1949

Today Glen Harris called Sam up and wanted him to go after gue-ducks, so they left about 9:30. I washed clothes and cleaned house good. Fixed all the vases with flowers and oh, are they lovely. Sam sprayed the raspberries and roses before he left for caterpillars. Very warm out. Quite calm. Paid Ruth for watering the lawn. In the afternoon about 2:30 Sam and Herb Lehman worked on the dam. They fixed it so the water won't run out on the side. Mary Ruth, Jack and the children came down and stayed to dinner. We filled Jack up on shortcake. Then I went to see Betty Fischler at 6:45 and oh what lovely flowers she has. She goes home Sunday. Took Lovey to Job's Installation. It was very lovely, and we enjoyed it all. Saw Grace Anderson (her daughter was installing chaplain) Bob Marvins and Alice Engstrom who sang "Bless this House." Decorations were purple and white, very lovely. To bed late. Very lovely out.

Sunday, June 12, 1949

Today we slept late and then I put away my clothes and did the mangling. Cleaned 2 formals too. Sam cleaned the garage, and it looks so nice again. Then he hauled away the garbage. We walked up to the dam and saw that there's still a leak on one side. So, Herb Lehman will have more digging to do. Was up to Squires and he will have yellow roses for Wednesday. Today I cut up linoleum for all the drawers in the cabin. It looks so much cleaner. A lot of traffic today. Went over to outside kitchen and decided to clean it. So now all the shelves are cleaned, and dishes are ready to use. Went swimming and it was fine. Fried gue-ducks for dinner and Sam mowed on his lawn. We had Billy and Evelyn Hyde here in the evening and ate berries and cream. They are such nice kids. It's a pleasure to have them around. To bed late. Sprinkled clothes for tomorrow's ironing.

Monday, June 13, 1949

Today was warm and bright. In the morning ironed and mended all the clothes. Took until nearly noon but I was glad to get it done. Then I worked around outside and went swimming when the tide got high enough. Washed all the windows in the cabin and all on the outside of the house. They surely look nice. Got a letter from Blanche and she is coming home Tuesday. In the evening went to Officers Club at Elma Olsen's. We played a crazy game called Yardley that was fun and about 11 all were gone. A nice evening but everyone is so busy they were not anxious to stay late. Eunice DeLong forgot about it so she was late in getting there. She also forgot about Line Officers tomorrow so had made no arrangements to go. Home and to bed. Very tired.

Tuesday, June 14, 1949

Today was warm too and I met Alice Pope and Alma Sundstrom at the store and Ruth Small at her house. We found a cup and saucer at Bremer's for Alma Bard for Installation and then walked up to the Minette Bridge. Saw Lovey who waited for Maimee Hanberg. There were cars at the other side of the bridge to take us to Vera Harrison's where a lovely lunch was served. There was a short business meeting and then we just talked. Vera has a wonderful view of the mountains and the sound. Home and got a light lunch and took Wilma Rasmussen and Blanch to Elinor Chapter at Union. They had a short meeting and then Job's Daughters came in and put on their initiatory work. The girls did a very lovely initiation, and we were all proud of them for they were just installed Saturday night. Marion Jordon was so proud of them. We ate and went for home as it was late. Helen Mitchell was Esther again. A good crowd was out. To bed late.

Wednesday, June 15, 1949

Today I went to Bremerton at 12:15 with flowers I got from Squires for our table. Yellow and white roses and oh, so lovely! He rode to town with me. Florence Severance was there when I arrived and so were some of the girls on the decorating committee. We fixed the table with the roses and yellow and white candles in one corner, and it was really lovely. Had my hair done and then to Elma Olsen's to dinner which was so nice, but we had to eat in a hurry as I had to go to Belfair after Blanche. Elva got her hair combed out at Georgia Neiman's. To the Hall at 6:30 and we cut pies and put out cups, etc. so everything was ready. Mrs. Anderson took care of the coffee so it was a load off my mind. The Installation was a very lovely and a fair crowd out. About 120 so we sold pies that were left. The room was beautifully decorated with flowers and ferns. Alma Nelson looked so nice and so did all the officers. They all had gardenia corsages. Ruby Baker wore a green dress and looked very nice. The refreshments were well received, and our group worked well together. Home late and to bed.

Thursday, June 16, 1949

Slept late and then put away all my stuff I took to Bremerton. Then cleaned house and cleaned collars on all my clothes. Sam went up to Belfair and mowed on the lawn when he returned. Washed Florence Severeness Linen tablecloth and it turned out OK. Pink was down here a few minutes too. In the late afternoon Sam brought home 2 flats of cannery strawberries (hulls off) so we put 17 boxes in the locker. Took us only a short time. After a good dinner of gue-duck chowder and strawberry shortcake, Blanche and I went down to see Betty Fischler. Stayed little over an hour then home. Took Betty some more red roses. They surely looked beautiful in her little wicker clothes basket. To bed early. Very tired. Got my scrapbook up to date. Looks good.

Friday, June 17, 1949

Today we arose fairly early, and Sam ate a good breakfast as he felt a great deal better. I cleaned, dusted and changed linen on beds. At 1 we got Rosa Mann, her friend Myra and Marie Wilson and took them up here to see our garden. They seemed to enjoy it so much. We had tea and Coke out under the cedar tree and returned them to their home at 3:15. To Belfair and did some shopping then over to see Skene's. They are fine and we had a lovely time. Saw Mr. Ghee's weaving. It is very nice. When we came home, we decided to go for a ride down the canal, so I shut off the sprinklers and we started out. Got a pattern at Skene's. Very good blackberry pie. Home and on our way, we visited gift shop at Don Beckman's. It is lovely and her weaving is beautiful. The copper kettles from Denmark are out of this world. Home and watered until late. Ironed Florence's tablecloth before breakfast. Took 35 minutes.

Clydene Hostetler was a longtime Belfair resident and historian. She now resides on a classic wooden boat on the Columbia River. She has been researching Mary Theler's life for the past 17 years. She can be emailed at [email protected].


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