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Flowers are in full bloom in Mary's world


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Sam with a fish.

I can guarantee that if you would have stopped by Mary and Sam's place, you would have to go for a stroll and look at their flowers. When I was a kid in the 1950s, my mom would always take visitors out in the yard to look at the flowers. Usually, she would cut a bouquet for them to take home.

Saturday, May 14, 1949

This day we arose fairly early and found the sun out warm and bright. We cleaned house and the men rode over to Henderson Bay with Rudy Sundstrom and returned at 1:30 with 3 geoducks. So, I made lunch, and we all ate. Went to Gorst and had my hair combed out for tonight. Then we cut down all the worms in the trees and watered the lawn good. Glad it is done. Made chowder out of geoducks for dinner and it was very good. Grace Larson called and said Sandy got hurt by lighting a dynamite cap. I am so sorry. A cripple all his life now. To the dance and there was a good crowd, and we had a good time although I was so weary. We got home at 1 so quickly to bed. A long day. Mama went swimming. Skenes dropped in and he is getting better. I'm so glad.

Sunday, May 15, 1949

A very cool morning and we got up late. Made pancakes and fried Canadian back from Vancouver. Very good. Then I cleaned up the house and put in a few fresh flowers. At 12:45 Sam is beginning to put fertilizer on the lawn and John is cutting off the baskets of gold along the bulkhead. The peonies are out in full. Oh, so lovely! Could not sleep very well so today my head aches and my feet are tired. We cleaned up the ivy. Then Vera and Cole came so we stopped working. The men walked up to the dam. Then Alma Nelson and her sister and the two children came so we all ate ice cream that Sam brought down. Very good and all enjoyed it. Vera and Cole stayed for dinner and the roast beef was delicious. Then they took Mama and John to the ferry. Sam watered the entire lawn, and it looks good. Mama, Vera and Cole went in swimming. It was warm they said.

Monday, May 16, 1949

Today Sam washed an enormous batch of clothes which took all morning. I cleaned house and cabin good and cleaned out all the traces of flowers. Then around 4 it started to rain so Sam got Squires and he planted all the annuals. So, it is timed just right. Went to Chapter at Philathea and got my hair combed out at Gorst on my way. Picked up Eunice Jessy and Lovey and took them some peonies. The initiation went off very well and the officers did a marvelous job. We enjoyed it very much. Saw Bob Marvin and many others we knew there. Very lovely tables downstairs. On the tables lay white wisteria with a pink rose in the center. Bowls of lavender with white and pink double lilac in between this. Upstairs was decorated with rhododendrons.

Tuesday, May 17, 1949

Today was sunny but very windy. Sam mowed the lawn, cleaned the store and cleaned up a lot of odd jobs. As soon as I got my work done, I went to Social Club. Got a bowl from Alma Nelson for our refreshment table Saturday. Then downtown and got a few things. They had a delicious luncheon and white bridal wreath and purple iris on table. A woman, Mrs. Parker, told us about birds and the new officers were installed. Then Eunice D. and I went out to Schricker's, and I bought ruffled petunias, red snaps, a border plant, also 6 pansy plants. Home and planted the plants. Got dinner, then edged lawn by the bulkhead and put away washing. A wonderful sunset. To bed early.

Wednesday, May 18, 1949

Today I arose early as I could not sleep. Ironed and mended all the clothes before 9:30 when Sam called me to eat. He made a very good breakfast. Then I cleaned weeds out of the creek garden and Sam helped me spray all along the road and in the maple grove. Worked in the garden till 2:30 then we drove to see the Fischlers. Saw Schlanges there, also Ester Forsythe, Katherine Rasmussen and had a nice visit. Home at 5 and Sam started the sprinklers. Very windy out now. The Belfair U.D. in the evening and we had a good time. There was a small crowd but quite a few visitors from Bremerton including Beth Livingston and Bob Marvins of Olympia Chapter. Initiated was Mae Housen, Mrs. Romeg, Mrs. Newkirk, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Blakefield. The officers all did such splendid work. We surely were proud of them. Decorations were rhododendrons and very lovely. A nice evening.

Thursday, May 19, 1949

Today we slept until late and then I got Squires to plant a few tomatoes, a rose and some asters. Then Sam hand-mowed part of the grass by the doghouse and the rail fence. Got ready to go to Hoodsport and picked up Evelyn Edmiston and Eleanor Simpson at 12:30. We put up Evelyn's Indian display and then she treated us to lunch. We saw so many we knew at the tea. There were Lud Andersons, Geo. Adams, Edna Haines, Minnie Souers, Geo. Affleman and many others. There was a splendid program and a good talk by George Adams. The Simmons put on the Indian song and dance in costumes, and it was very clever. Was by far the best of the whole day. Then tea was served, and everyone looked at the Indian baskets of which not many are made anymore. Home and Sam and I took our lunch to the rhododendron field and ate. We gathered a lot of flowers and put them in a tub for Saturday's decorations. To bed early. Cold out.

Friday, May 20, 1949

Today was clear but very cold with cold winds in the afternoon. Sam went to Seattle early so I cleaned the cabin, house and upstairs good and changed the beds too. Then cleaned clothes closet and hung all winter clothes out to air and then put them in the attic. To Belfair and got all my weekend shopping done. Then to Skene's and got the columbines for center piece at Rainbow installation. Bill Bosch and his daughter were here and I showed them the flowers. Picked her some peonies. They are so gay now. A letter from Nellie Mason and a plaque from Lovey. Oh, it is a beauty! To Betty Fischler's and spent a pleasant evening and lots of fun. Her neighbor came over and we talked about this and that. Eddie came home and said they had a good time at Lodge. Home late and to bed.

Clydene Hostetler was a longtime Belfair resident and historian. She now resides on a classic wooden boat on the Columbia River. She has been researching Mary Theler's life for the past 17 years. She can be emailed at [email protected].


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