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'Mrs. Davis' succeeds so far; 'Peter Pan' fails to fly

'Peter Pan' pales in comparison to 2003 version


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Betty Gilpin's sympathetic, independent nun is one of the selling points of "Mrs. Davis" on Peacock.

'Mrs. Davis' on Peacock

I should have suspected I'd encounter this problem with a miniseries co-created by Damon Lindelof.

Between co-creating the ultimately disappointing TV series "Lost," co-writing some of the worst installments in the "Alien" and "Star Trek" film series, and helming the controversial TV adaptation of the "Watchmen" comic, Lindelof has a checkered record.

But "Mrs. Davis," which he co-created for the Peacock streaming service, came with positive recommendations from folks I trust, so I decided I'd catch up on it.

And my verdict is ... it's OK...

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