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Harrison David Lofthus

Harrison David Lofthus, age 35, passed away on April 17, 2023 in his hometown of Shelton, WA. He is survived by his parents, Scot and Mary, brother, Danny, sister-in-law, Rachel, and nephew Stellan, sister and her partner, Sarah and Nathan Kamsler, and sister Gabby. Harrison is survived by his grandmothers, Linda Lofthus and Ruth Harrison, and preceded in death by his grandfathers, Arnold Lofthus and David Harrison.

Harrison was an artist who as a teen loved making claymation videos, clay sculptures, and directing movies with neighborhood friends. As an adult he loved drawing and dreamed of directing a movie. He also loved bowling, going to movies, and swimming. He was always a whiz at math and even memorized 100 digits of pi. He cared deeply for his immediate and extended family and talked often of planning a family reunion. He was a dear friend to many. Harrison's wit, creative mind, and gentle spirit will be missed by all who knew him.

You can make a donation in his honor to Crazy Love Ministries in Shelton, WA.

The family is planning a memorial service at a later time.


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