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Kristie Anne Brown

Kristine Anne Brown (maiden name Krieger) Born October 25th, 1950, passed away on February 4th, 2023, at Mason General Hospital. Kris was a Shelton resident for over 30 years but was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was the eldest of her two siblings, Diane (Rachel) Krieger and Rex Krieger. Her Mother was Dawn Marie Krieger (Kotas) and her Father was Richard Krieger.

She is survived by her husband David Striplin, daughter Nicole Norris and her two granddaughters Alaina and Raelynn Norris.

She was married to her husband Dave Striplin in 2018. They loved each other fiercely and lived a happy life together. She had two previous marriages; Dave Richardson and Glen Brown (her daughter's father). Kristine had previously lived in California for a number of years and is where she married her first husband.

Kris was a dear friend to many in her community. She had a heart the size of Texas and would always help those who needed it; her generosity knew no bounds. Kris loved to garden, and during her time in California she loved spending time on a sailboat.

She was extremely intelligent and greatly enjoyed reading. She was also a hell of a cook and en-joyed cooking meals for her friends and family. Kris was an amazing friend, mother, sister, wife, aunt, and grandmother, she will be deeply missed.

A celebration of her life will be held on March 25th, 2023, at Bobs Tavern at 2:00 p.m. All who knew her are welcome to attend.


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