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Mary's week filled with stops around the Sound

I think Mary's favorite adjective is lovely. What do you think? I wish Mary would have taken a picture of their new puppy. Busy week for Mary and Sam and the weather is still trying to be winter.

Thursday, Feb. 10, 1949

Sam came home on the last ferry so came in late. Arose late and cleaned house. Then we went to Post Office. Had to try the hill twice before we got up. So icy! At 1:15 I drove to the beauty shop. Sam had to go up twice to make the hill again. After my hair was done, I drove to Eunice Duffield's. We had a nice visit, and she had such a good dinner. Cherry dessert in pretty shells with whipped cream. We picked up Lovey and got to Chapter early. The Chapter Room was decorated with red hearts and very lovely. Just a short meeting but it was very nice. The valentine addendum went off very well considering that we had no practice. I really think it took Cleora by surprise. Everyone had a valentine but Lovey. She said hers. The cloth heart was lovely. Alma Nelson wasn't there so Gertrude took the goose to give to her. To bed late. Very icy on the roads again. Maimee Gould's grandmother passed away just before Chapter but she carried on like a veteran.

Friday, Feb. 11, 1949

Today I arose early. Sam snored so last night. I had a hard time trying to sleep. We moved all the clothes from the apartment back to the house, so now all closets are clean! Put away the balance out of the suitcases so everything is pretty well cleaned up from our trip. Cleaned my Chapter dress so it will be ready for initiation. Blanche Hackett called up. She will join White Shrines too. Alma Nelson called up to thank us for the bird. She visited Port Orchard Chapter last night. It froze hard last night so it is very cold out. Made a Saskatoon berry pie and have a mallard duck ready to roast. Drove over to Skene's but no one was home so shopped at Belfair and home. The pheasants are out after the grain Sam threw out. 7 of them. To Blanche Hackett's and we had a very nice visit. To bed late. It is freezing out again.

Saturday, Feb. 12, 1949

Arose late. Cleaned house while Sam washed clothes from our trip. Fed the pheasants but have not seen them yet. The sun is out but it is very windy and cold out. Mr. Warren, the retired mailman, passed away and is buried today. Went up to Alice Pope's and Pete read my letter from the old country. Then into Gorst and got my hair re-combed. It looks good. We have a new collie pup that Nichols brought down while we were away. It is so fat and cute! Sam made oyster cocktails for dinner, and they were very good. In the evening we went to our dance club and had a wonderful time. There was not too large a crowd there, but everyone had fun. The valentine motif was carried out in decorations and the tables were lovely. There were black and white silhouettes on the wall that were very lovely. Very cold out. Sam got some tickets for Reliance's dance. To bed late.

Sunday, Feb. 13, 1949

Awoke as the clock turned to 8:15 so got up and dressed. Had everything done and beds made early, breakfast also early. To Belfair at 10 and met Alma Bard. We caught the 11:15 boat and to the D.A.R. House at 20 to 1. We found some we knew and soon Florence and Howard came in. She wore a lovely gray dress with a corsage of violets at her shoulder, a gift from Howard (as on their wedding day.) The reception was given them by the Grand Officers for the 25th anniversary. The room was filled with huge bowls of pink tulips and it was very lovely. Music was supplied by friends and was very nice. The wedding cake was huge. It was made by Muszynchi, member of Mecca Chapter and very lovely. Florence was loathe to cut it. Yellow roses over a trellis with bride and groom beneath. She was glad to see us and I was glad we made an effort to go. We caught the 2 o'clock boat home. Arrived home at 3:30 and fed the dog and pheasants. Ironed all the clothes. We were surely glad to get it all done. Now it can snow! Made dumplings for dinner and they were very good. Snowed ever since I got home. Talked to Betty Fischler. She is well.

Monday, Feb. 14, 1949

Today I got up early and got ready to go to the Davis funeral. Met Helen Mitchell and Mrs. Glenn at the store and we drove to Silverdale. There were such wonderful flowers. I never saw such splendor. Then to Port Orchard to the cemetery. We saw many old friends we knew. Back to Bremerton and went downtown, then to Alma Nelson's. At Almas's ate dinner and had a lovely visit. It was good to see her again. Went for Duffields and Lovey for Officers Club. We had a nice evening. Mayme and Eunice DeLong entertained at Mayme Harvey's. Played hearts and it was lots of fun. Then they asked about my trip so I did the best I could. Cleora showed us colored slides of her dance and oh, they were lovely! I'm so glad she had them taken. To bed late. Wrote in diary and got a place setting of silver and 4 cocktail forks. My dishes are in Canada now.

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 1949

Today we ate fairly early, and I went to Bremerton. Picked up Eunice Duffield at 10:30 a.m. and we drove out to Haddon Hall. We got lost again and did we laugh! We sewed on baby clothes for the Red Cross. I put fancy work on a petticoat and finished one completely. Eunice sewed on a cap. There was a good crowd out and a lovely lunch. I sold $5.25 worth of tickets for bazaar. Home at 4 to find Sam had gone to Olympia and had picked the duck so I fixed the dressing. It is raining out now so perhaps the snow will go. Cleaned my good green dress so it is ready to wear again. Sam put the pup in the doghouse, and he seems to like it. He surely is cute. Mary Ruth wants us to come down to dinner. I'm so busy don't know when I can go.

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1949

This day I arose late and got everything cleaned up good. Got the duck all dressed, etc., and vegetables ready for dinner. Maimee Gould came about 3 o'clock and Sam had missed her at the bus. So we went up to the temple and practiced our initiatory work and it went off very well. Then we went home and ate a wonderful duck dinner. We had such a good time. How we laughed and talked over old times. The Eddie Fischlers picked me up and we went to Chapter. Cleora and Ralph and Hazel Mulhousen were out and so was Segrid Larson, sister-in-law of Lloyd Karlson (Helen Sisson's husband.) It was a nice initiation, and we had a nice evening later. Sold more tickets for the bazaar. Saw lots of folks I knew. Home late and to bed. Sam went to basketball game and came home just before I did. Raining cats and dogs! To bed late.

Thursday, Feb. 17, 1949

We arose later than we figured so did not get to Tacoma until 10:15. Saw Cole on the way in so he wanted us to stop on our way home. We ate breakfast downtown and it was very nice. Then we looked at dresses but there was none that was quite right. They all said there were more arriving in about 10 days. Saw Bill Bosch and he is fine. We had a nice visit in front of Rhode's store while I was waiting for Sam. Sam and I went to a movie and saw "Rose of the Yukon" while we were waiting for the car. We got the car at 5 and went over to Vera and Cole's. Ate dinner there and enjoyed it very much. We had a nice visit there. Home at 10 and fed our puppy who was ooh so hungry! Very cold out and there was much new snow on the Gig Harbor Highway. To bed late.

Friday, Feb. 18, 1949

Today Sam went to Tacoma and Seattle at 10 a.m. so I cleaned up in a hurry and went to Blanch Hackett's. We drove down to Tahuya where we called on Francis Huson and Effie Knowlton who are going to join White Shrine. Then we stopped at Francis Ahern's and she is going in also. So, we felt the afternoon was very profitable. Home and had some tea and some very good rolls Blanche made. They were delicious! Then I took some oysters up to Housen's and got the red chair and Blanche's clock. So now all my things are at home. Blanche and I ate the leftover duck and it was delicious. She had brought some rolls along and I sure enjoyed them. Sam came home just as I was ready to take Blanche home. Home and to bed. Tired. Very cold out. I think it may freeze.

Clydene Hostetler was a longtime Belfair resident and historian. She now lives on a classic wooden boat on the Columbia River. She has been researching Mary Theler's life for the past 17 years. She can be emailed at [email protected]


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