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Shelton, Central Mason join for fire inspections

The City of Shelton, in partnership with Central Mason Fire & EMS, and CMFE Fire Marshal Keith Reitz, will create fire inspection permits using EnerGov, an online permitting portal, beginning Feb. 21.

According to a news release, Shelton will send invoices to business and commercial property owners identified on an inspection schedule, which includes about 120 businesses per quarter. Businesses identified as “business offices” need to be inspected every three years, and other businesses will be inspected annually. Invoices will be $100 per inspection with properties over 5,000 square feet paying more.

Once business and commercial building owners have paid their invoices, a representative of the Fire Marshal’s Office will complete an inspection for the business or property. Code enforcement will follow up with uninspected properties as needed.

Shelton, according to the news release, is reviewing the fee schedule to accurately reflect the costs of providing essential municipal services. Fire inspections are required by the International Fire Code, which is part of the Shelton Municipal Code.

The fire prevention and life safety inspection process has been supported by the city’s general fund, but it is not a sustainable practice as Shelton continues to grow, according to the release. More information about the move can be found at or

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