Mary and Sam leave Southern California behind


February 9, 2023

Mary and Sam finally get home from their long trip. Five inches of snow is on the ground. Can’t stop Mary from going to Chapter. While they were gone their dog had been hit up on the road and was killed. I bet it seems different and lonely for them.

Friday, Jan. 28, 1949

We woke up before the alarm went off so soon were on our way. Ate at Tip’s on Wilshire at 8 a.m. and were at Rosemead to get Vina and Henry about 9. We left at 9:15. Stopped at Santa Monica for mail (there was none) then another stop at Camarillo to leave a parcel for a patient, a friend of Vina’s. That took some time as they saw the doctor. Ate lunch at Ventura and it was nice and warm there. It was very clear as we drove along the ocean. Not much traffic either. Arrived at Pass Robles at 5:25 and got a cabin but although it was steam heated it was not warm enough to be pleasant so went to bed early. Ate abalone steak for dinner and it was the best I ever tasted. We enjoyed it. Read in bed. The fields on our way up were very green and the many oak trees made it a lovely sight.

Saturday, Jan. 29, 1949

Vina woke up early and soon Henry was up. So, we started out about 8 a.m. We ate breakfast at the King City at 9:15. Very good too. Then we drove to Ashland, but the Robischaus were away. I was sorry for I did want to see them, so I left a note. Were there about 1 p.m. Then to San Francisco to Fisherman’s Wharf and ate clam chowder. It was delicious. We bought two crabs for tonight. On as far as the Golden Gate Bridge and clear to Ukiah when we stayed at Motel 101. We ate our crab and crackers, and it was very good. Afterward we walked downtown and looked in all the windows. Very cold out but lots of fun. We came through wonderful hilly country today, covered with oak trees and it was something to see. There were many cattle on the hills. Along the Russian River we saw many steelhead fishermen. It was a lovely river. A bright green. We saw 15 white cranes today in the lowlands.

Sunday, Jan. 30, 1949

Today we did not start until 8:45 and drove to Gold Beach, Oregon, where we stopped and ate a grand breakfast at Willets. We used my jam on the toast and oh, did we enjoy it! At lunchtime we stopped in Eureka at Lazio’s where we ate clam chowder. Saw them packing fish for shipping. The drive through the Redwoods was perfect. We saw a big tree 364 feet high in a wonderful grove. We passed the home of Seabiscuit, the famous racehorse as we came through the hills out of Ukiah. Counted 13 deer as we traveled through Mendocino County where more deer are taken than any county in California. Red Bush is the center of that area. It was a fine trip along the ocean and sunny weather so we could enjoy it. The huckleberry brush is all colors on the hills, very lovely. Saw plenty of myrtle wood trees. We passed thru an elk refuge and saw 60 elk there. Some fed near houses, so unafraid.

Monday, Jan. 31, 1949

Today Uncle Henry turned on the heat early so when we got up it was warm. We ate our breakfast at Port Offord, and it was delicious. Finished our jam on pancakes. This is a logging community. At many places we saw sheep and lambs only a few days old. They were so cute. At 5:45 we arrived at Portland and ate our dinner of spareribs. We found a motel and settled for the night. The sun was lovely all day but as we got closer to Portland we saw frost, then snow. Portland has quite a lot of snow. We have a radio too, so Henry is listening to it. Some crazy play but funny. Saw hundreds of ducks all through the southern part of Oregon. Sam got so excited when he saw so many mallards. They were in all the fields covered with water. To bed late.

Tuesday, Feb. 1, 1949

We arose late as it was so cold out. Ate breakfast at Waddell’s and bought a few groceries at the store. Reached Gig Harbor at 2:30 and unloaded Vina and Henry’s stuff. They were glad to get home too. We ate our lunch in Tacoma so when we got home we were not so starved and had to cook at once. The roads were icy out of Portland for a ways and then were nice and dry. The sun shone nearly all day so it was very pleasant driving. At home we found everything all clean as a pin as Helen Davis had been down and cleaned house. Unpacked all but one suitcase. Sam went to Belfair and heard from Annie Stuyts that his sister had pneumonia and had to stay in bed for a week. Snow here is 5 inches deep and has been on the ground for two weeks. Walter Allison Sr. had one leg amputated from that old trouble. Joe Buldoc is county road supervisor so the roads are all in fine shape. We ate tiny steaks tonight and they were delicious broiled. Sam’s sister is in the hospital with pneumonia, goes home Friday. We talked to her at Annie Stuyts tonight. She was there a week ago.

Wednesday, Feb. 2, 1949

We did not get up very early as it was snowing out so we ate breakfast at 11 a.m. Then I cleaned up all the mail and put all my suitcases upstairs again. Everything is unpacked so I’m happy. Called Betty Fischler and she is well. Called Mary Ruth and she is fine too. Mayme Gould, Cleora and Alma Nelson called so we had quite a visit by phone. Sam went to Belfair twice and shoveled snow up by the road once. Called Alma Bard and they were going to have Chapter so she asked me to substitute for Adah in case two of the candidates should show up. So I studied on Adah but when I got up there, there were no candidates so Alma gave me Martha’s station. We had a nice meeting and several visitors. Rode up with Eddie Fischler. The men served the lunch. Very good.

Thursday, Feb. 3, 1949

Today we slept late. There was snow on all the trees and it had frozen there. As soon as we got our work done we went up to Belfair and got a duck, etc. Saw several I knew. Then home and cleaned up all my desk work. Took me about three hours, all told. Today it snowed then out came the sun, so the snow is off the trees. I took several pictures. Hope they are good. Sam got the license plates on both cars. Then about 2 o’clock he went to Olympia. I called Alma Bard and am going to Reliance with her tonight. Emmett will take me to store. We went to Reliance, and it was a lovely evening. The Chapter room was decorated with colored balloons in the baskets to resemble flowers. Colored crepe paper streamers trailed from baskets. It was Past Matrons and Patrons night and twice when Florence Waggoner was speaking a balloon exploded! Saw Duffy, Marvin’s, Georgia and Alma Nelson and several others. We had a fine time. There was a wonderful program. Sam came in just about 30 minutes after I did.

Clydene Hostetler was a longtime Belfair resident and historian. She now resides on a classic wooden boat on the Columbia River. She has been researching Mary Theler’s life for the past 17 years. She can be emailed at [email protected].


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