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Commission Briefs

ARPA money allocations approved

Mason County commissioners approved the American Rescue Plan Act money allocations at the Oct. 25 meeting.

According to the information packet, the commissioners allocated a total of $6,238,667 to 13 projects from 34 requests sent in for ARPA funding. The projects and dollar allocations are $1,500,000 for the Belfair Sewer extension, $425,000 for Mason County Fiber Optic Infrastructure upgrade, $300,000 for Belfair Water backup generators and $750,000 for PUD 1 Vuecrest storage phase 3. Other projects and dollar amounts include $250,000 for the Belfair Sewer Log Yard Road extension design, $240,000 for Eels Hills Yard goats, $337,000 for North Mason Fire Mobile Integrated health program startup, $750,000 for Mason County Housing Authority unit renovation, $542,000 for DCD Records archival and scanning project, $722,000 for Shelton Young Adult Transitional Housing project, $50,667 for Mason County Emergency & Disaster Response Center, $342,000 for Mason County Sheriff’s Office Bearcat and $30,000 for Camp Sluys Youth Camp.

The move also approved County Administrator Mark Neary to sign six outside ARPA contracts with Belfair Water District Back Generators, Impact Northwest Camp Sluys, PUD 1 Vuecrest Storage Upgrade Phase 3, Mason County Housing Authority Renovations, North Mason Regional Fire Mobile Integrated Health and The Youth Connection.

COVID-19 positions converted

Mason County COVID-19 positions will be converted to Foundational Public Health Services positions at the end of 2022.

According to the information packet, COVID-19 money will be gone soon, which would affect one public health nurse, two community health specialists and one clerical positions. These positions were hired as temporary COVID response positions, but Foundational Public Health Services money is available to transition these employees into permanent employees. The intent is to address communication, forum development, chronic disease/life-course work and cross cutting capabilities.

The positions are budgeted for 2023 with existing money and the 2023-24 consolidated contract with the state Department of Health.

Goose Neck equipment trailer purchase approved

A Goose Neck equipment trailer was approved for purchase by the Mason County commissioners.

According to the information packet, the need for an equipment trailer was noticed when new trucks weren’t enough to haul the tractor that weighs about 10,000 pounds. The trailer Parks and Trails looked at for purchase is a Big Tex utility trailer, which is a 25’ x 5’ with a hauling capacity of 15,900 pounds.

The estimated cost was $13,999 with no setup or doc fees. The money will be paid from the parks current expense budget and a budget supplement will be necessary.

Structure cover for Truman Glick Park host

Mason County commissioners approved the purchase of a metal structure cover for the Truman Glick Park host’s residence.

According to the information packet, it was noticed during a commissioner tour of Mason County Parks that the host’s residence needs a structure cover. The proposed mobile home cover would be 22 feet long, 40 feet wide and 14 feet tall, with a roofline of 41 feet.

The cost of the structure is $20,362.32. The cover will be paid for from the Real Estate Excise Tax 2 fund.

Medical contributions increased

Mason County commissioners approved resolutions for the county’s 2023 health insurance contributions.

According to the information packet, it is an increase to the 2023 non-represented medical contribution by $52 per month from $1,414 to $1,466 per month. The approval adopts the county’s 2023 health insurance contributions, which includes $1,137.37 per month per employee for those individuals enrolled in PEBB medical as an employee only with no dependent coverage and it covers dental, vision and basic life insurance. The contribution is $1,605.27 per employee for individuals enrolled in PEBB medical as an employee with one or more dependents and it covers dental, vision and basic life insurance.

The board determined that a $52 medical increase for elected officials and nonrepresented employees maintains parity with recommended increases proposed for members of the current collective bargaining agreements within the county.

Operation Green Light supports local veterans

Mason County will be illuminating county buildings green from Nov. 7 to 13 as part of Operation Green Light to support military veterans and raise awareness.

According to a news release, the week is about the unique challenges faced by veterans and the resources that are available at the county, state and federal level to assist veterans and their families. Residents and businesses are encouraged to participate by simply displaying a green light in a window of their residence of place of business.

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