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In defense of the truth - it does matter

Does the truth matter?

Here at the Journal it does.

During much of the campaign season, the newspaper has strived to stay above the fray of acrimony that has surrounded our political discourse.

We have a long history of not endorsing candidates for office, something I am proud that we continued this year.

What we do stand up for, however, is the truth.


Because the truth DOES matter.

The race for Mason County auditor between incumbent Democrat Paddy McGuire and his Republican challenger Steve Duenkel has been one of the most acrimonious races our county has seen in modern history.

It's dra...


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luxmissus1 writes:

Truth does matter. We're new to the county and so were not aware of many of the people running in the primary. It did not take much research to see the difference between the two candidates in the auditor's race. We not only voted for the superior candidate but contributed to his campaign. I pray that everyone voting will take a thoughtful, research-driven approach to voting for our local elections. it can make a real difference.

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