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Port of Allyn plans public hearings for budget

The Port of Allyn has a busy month ahead.

Port of Allyn Executive Director Lary Coppola warned at the port’s Oct. 3 meeting that while revenues are performing as expected “for this time of year, and in this economy,” the port’s expenses have exceeded its budget “in several instances,” notably what they’ve paid in legal fees, “so money is tight and cash flow somewhat problematic.”

The same meeting saw port commissioners approve a loan, with interest, from the port’s water fund to its general fund, while Coppola reported working with the port’s bank to secure a line of credit.

“Once we get through the end of April, we’ll be fine, and we can begin paying back whatever we borrow,” Coppola said. “We have also cut expenses to the bone, and are deferring anything we can until then, so 2023 will be a lean year.”

Coppola announced Oct. 3 the port would be commencing its 2023 budget process “this coming week,” and advised the public to expect a public hearing during the port commissioners’ regularly scheduled meeting at 6 p.m. on Nov. 7.

“You all may want to have a special meeting sometime this month to review what we come up with and add your input into it, perhaps as part of the special meeting we need to set for the public hearing on redistricting,” Coppola said. “I’ve already informed port staff that the only increases we will budget will be for cost of living.”

Commissioners agreed to schedule a public hearing on port redistricting at 6 p.m. on Oct. 24 at the Port of Allyn administrative building, 18560 E. state Route 3 in Allyn.

Coppola reminded commissioners the port must have its redistricting completed by next month, even as they all agreed that, based on the population numbers, the Port of Allyn does not need to redraw its commission district boundaries.

Coppola said the port needs to publish its draft plan and have a special meeting within 10 days of the draft plan’s publication, and at least one week before its adoption, which guided their choice for Oct. 24 as the public hearing date.

“We published the draft plan on the website, and put the link on our Facebook page, but it isn’t considered ‘published’ until there’s a legal notice for it in the Shelton-Mason County Journal,” Coppola said. “We can amend the draft if necessary, after receiving public comments, and resubmit any amended draft plan for additional written public comment, at least one week before adopting the plan.”

The redistricting plan is at and can be obtained by emailing [email protected].

Coppola further advised port commissioners that the port’s lobbyists would like to schedule a groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new well at the site on Oct. 17, 18, 24 or 25 as they coordinate with elected officials to determine which dates work best for all.

“But you all need to be aware as well, and at least one of you, or all of you, should attend,” Coppola told commissioners.

He said Mason County commissioners and state representatives would be invited.

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