Thelers have a spotty week pursuing salmon


September 8, 2022

There is no way I could keep up with Mary's schedule. I got tired just reading this week's diary. Driving back and forth twice from the fishing camp to Belfair, plus a trip to Seattle. She writes of the reoccurring winds that come up on the Columbia River and that is very common. Often the winds will reach 15 mph.

Friday, Sept. 3, 1948

Arose early and saw all my mother's flowers. She has the finest flower garden in the block. To Frederick's and bought a black satin hat for winter and a copper basket for Beth Le Mier. The Conductresses meeting had a good attendance, and we had a lot of good instruction from Floss Bush. A nice lunch of chicken salad was served. Caught the 3 p.m. boat home so I got groceries at the store. Evelyn tells me Billy is going to leave the store in two weeks. Emmett will need a new man quick. To the store and post office. Saw Charlie Ryan. He is coming to fish Saturday. Then home and changed my clothes. Left for Megler at 5:30 and arrived at 9. Stopped for gas and a sandwich. Sam had caught a nice salmon so was very happy. Said it had been a grand warm day. To bed early.

Saturday, Sept. 4, 1948

Sam got up early to see if he could get the boat off the beach, but it was up too high. We ate breakfast and he went to Chinook for mail and milk while I cleaned up camp. A warm day to start with. Lots of campers coming in and plenty of activity. Rec'd a letter from Cleora and a card from Eunice. Today we got out on the river to fish at 11:30 and the first 10 minutes we had a strike but did not get it. Fished until 4:30 when we started for shore and got another strike. Landed a 25-lb. salmon. We made another circle but no more strikes so home we went. Sam was happy. Ran into a man's anchor when we came ashore and punched a hole in the boat. Palmer and Margie Johnson, Judy and a friend of theirs came just before we went out. They are camped back of us. Drove up to the Chicken Shack for dinner. It was good, but not as good as last year, too dry. Home and sat around the fire.

Sunday, Sept. 5, 1948

Arose late and ate breakfast before Sam was even awake. The day promises sunshine, but you can never tell here what it's going to be. Margie and Judy went to Seaside to see Palmer's folks. Sam went to Chinook and got stuff to mend the boat which he is doing now. Says it leaks very little, even with the hole in it. As soon as he came back Sam and Don Banchofft went out. Mrs. Banchofft and I went for a drive as far as Oysterville. Ate chicken salad at the Chicken Shack. Picked berries and gathered wood. We had a pleasant day. The men came in at 4:30. No fish and were very disappointed. After dinner Margie Johnson and I went to see Bette Le Mier. We had a pleasant visit and stayed until 9:30. To bed late.

Monday, Sept. 6, 1948

Today Sam and I went out at 9:30 and came in at 1. No fish. So many boats out and many left they were so disgusted. In the afternoon we fished about half an hour, and then saw Kreidler heading for shore, so Sam took me in, then he went out to try it again. In the morning it was hot and sunny, but in the afternoon a big wind came up, so it was not too pleasant. We had a good lunch of macaroni and cheese. Manny and Bette were there when I came ashore so we visited until Kreidler was ready to go. The lady from Hawaii gave me a warm apple pie so we had coffee and pie. Oh, it was good! Started home 4:30, got there at 9:15. Ate at South Bend. I was very tired, so much traffic. To bed early.

Tuesday, Sept. 7, 1948

Arose just as Billy and Evelyn were going so cooked breakfast. Cleaned house and looked at the flowers. They are lovely still. Very foggy and a very heavy dew last night. To Bremerton and got my watch fixed. To the Temple and we practiced although not half of the officers were there. However, we did work on our incoming march and our opening. Out to Cleora's and had a lovely dinner in their new room. It is lovely too. Their flowers are so pretty. Home and to bed. Very cold out and so dark. Found a big salmon in the cooler that Sam sent home with Bradfords.

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 1948

Today I cleaned house early and got my groceries. Over to Skene's and asked them to dinner. Then to Wychoff's and had my hair done. Later called at Haberly's about strawberries. Home and got dinner ready. Oh, it was a warm day, so we sat the table outside. Skenes came at 5 so we looked at the flowers. Ate dinner and it was very good. The salmon was baked to a T and I'm sure they enjoyed it. Bud Bickle mowed over half of the lawn. Don Bradford stopped by for a second. Said he left his watch at his camp at Megler. Harvey Rendsland and Nelson were here today electioneering. Cleora and Ralph Loss came and picked out dahlias they wanted. Gave them some salmon as we have so much. Tried on Chapter dress and went over my work for Thursday eve.

Thursday, Sept. 9, 1948

Today Squires tied up all the azaleas while I went to Wychoff's to get my hair recombed. It was a grand day and I just played lazy. Sat out in the sun, sorted out my mail and got ready for tonight. Laid out all my clothes and rested in hammock most of the afternoon. Left for Chapter early, but Lovey was not ready, so we got there at 6:45. There was a very good crowd, and we had a lovely program and wonderful flowers. Hobbies in a basket. Chapter was over at 9:30 so we were able to visit a lot of old friends. Nearly everyone went downstairs to eat which was nice. Alma Bard, Alice Pope, Mrs. Small, Wilma Rasmussen and Addie Jones. We voted to give Belfair Chapter a cup for Electors Station. I made the motion. Wilma rode home with me. To bed late. 11 p.m.

Clydene Hostetler is a longtime Belfair resident, local historian, media archivist and documentary filmmaker of "Hidden in Plain Sight." She has been researching Mary Theler's life for the past 14 years. She can be emailed at [email protected]


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