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Mary and Sam busy with visitors and events


Spring work is being done on the homestead. Planting, trimming the lawn and washing windows are on the list. Sam washed both cars.

Friday, May 14, 1948

This morning Doug was down here before we had breakfast talking about a piece of land he is planning on buying from Rose Wolfe behind our brick store. Sam went to Bellingham with Steve Smith and will return Sunday eve. I cleaned house and then went over to Skene’s, and we walked up the creek. Saw all her flowers. Mrs. McGee is weaving drapes. To Belfair and received a card from Alma Nelson. Home with a big dogwood tree out of the gravel pit which young Squire dug down for me. Clear out again but it may rain in another hour, who knows? Will go to bed early so I can get a good night’s sleep, not enough last night.

Saturday, May 15, 1948

Today arose early and got work all done. Then got ready for town and went to Lovey’s early. We caught the 12:45 boat and took a taxi uptown. Saw Francis Powell on the boat. We saw the show “Oh, Mistress Mine” with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne and oh it was good! How we did laugh! There was a full house too. It was a very good cast. Then we went down to Acres of Clams and ate seafood. I had fried shrimp which was very good. Home on 6:16 ferry and met a friend of Lovey’s, Helen Whitson, who talked to us all the way over. Took Lovey home with me and now we are waiting for the house to warm up. To bed early. A new moon out.

Sunday, May 16, 1948

Today we arose late and ate a leisurely breakfast. We sat around here until about one o’clock and then we drove down to the Riverene Lodge and ordered our dinner. Then we rode far up the river. It was a lovely trip and Lovey enjoyed it. Back to the lodge where we had a marvelous chicken dinner. We really enjoyed ourselves. It is really a pleasant atmosphere. Then we went home, and it began to rain again so we drove in rain all the way to Belfair. Took Lovey home about 7 and called up Maimee Gould and she said she would be to a social club Tuesday if she could. Very damp out. Cleaned up my desk. To bed early. A good day. I believe Lovey enjoyed herself, yet she always seems tired.

Monday, May 17, 1948

Today I raked grass all over where Papa had cut with a scythe and where Squires cut hedge. He sprayed rose bushes, peach trees and put out bug bait. Then I washed clothes and Sam cut the whole lawn. It was a big job as it was so wet, and grass was too long. In the evening I went to Philathea and wore my corsage again. Mary Woolridge, Alice Pope and Guild Short went too. We had a nice time and enjoyed meeting a lot of old friends. Hazel Mosher did her work very well. They had six candidates just like we had. A woman played the accordion downstairs where we ate. It was very nice. They served homemade cake. The tables were trimmed with lilacs. Home fairly early. Saw Edith Michaels. She has initiation Thursday.

Tuesday, May 18, 1948

Today we arose early, and I was able to get all the down grass along the road. So now it looks real good. Sam washed both the cars and my how nice they look! Only took a little over an hour. Then he went up to the Masonic Temple and worked on the dirt fill.

Went to Social Club and picked up Eunice Duffield. We had a nice lunch, and the new officers were installed. Cleora told me we line officers were expected to do something for Florence and suggested we have a special meeting to that effect. So, I called Blue Bird Inn and we shall meet there Tuesday May 25 at 12:30. Called Nettie Earring and she will send out cards. I hope quite a few can come. Maimee Gould was there, and we had a nice visit. Home and stopped at Temple. Got five more dogwood. The Squires boy planted them. Sam and I raked and cleaned lawn of grass. Very tired.

Wednesday, May 19, 1948

Squires came and planted dahlias. 111 of them as I shall have quite a patch. Sam waxed floors and gathered oysters. Ironed and mended all the clothes. Put away stuff I cleaned. Skenes were down to get tree spray from Squires. Took dahlia bulbs and mailed them to folks who asked for special ones. To Wychoff’s and had my hair combed. Then to Union and Nel Gunderson, Bes Grout and I went to Amaranth in Shelton. We had a nice time. Saw many we knew from Bremerton. The tables downstairs were beautiful with colored candles and crepe paper for each office who had honored guests. Home late and to bed. Raining! Saw a deer!

Thursday, May 20, 1948

Today Sam went to Seattle to a Shrine luncheon, so I arose early and am going to wash windows. A very warm day and sun is certainly grand. Took me until 1 to finish the windows outside. Then I went out to work on the strawberry patch. I finished all but 2 ½ rows as it was getting late. To Belfair and got my Stanley Products parcel at Alice Pope’s. She saved it for me. Put moth cakes in all closets. Went to Reliance Chapter with Alma Bard and we had a good time. She is a lot of fun and as it is her Chapter, she knows so many. There was an initiation and a nice program. The Chapter was decorated with flowering huckleberry and rhododendrons. It was very lovely. To bed late. A large day. Bud Bickle is going to build my fence as soon as he can.

Clydene Hostetler is a longtime Belfair resident, local historian, media archivist and documentary filmmaker of “Hidden in Plain Sight.” She has been researching Mary Theler’s life for the past 13 years. She can be emailed at [email protected]


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