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League responds

Editor, the Journal,

For more than a century, The League of Women Voters has been an organization in which members have had the opportunity to learn, communicate and provide community leadership.

The League takes pride in being nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates. It does, however, undertake in-depth studies of the issues of the day and then ultimately takes a public position.

The U.S. League of Women Voters has taken a position on climate change. Based on that study and stance, the local League initiated a Climate Change Committee which has been meeting sin...


Reader Comments(1)

BobRogers writes:

The Leaque of Women Voters (LWV) response to my letter is incomplete and as usual, self-serving.  The LVW caused the controversy by not being honest about their speaker, who is a candidate by her own announcement and every other measure short of next week official filings.  The LWV had to know this as their members are heavily involved in Democratic Party news.  Again, the fact this was not disclosed shows very poorly on the candidate and LWV. The LWV letter also is careful not to be honest that the organization not only studies issues but takes positions and actively advocates for initiatives/referendums during elections and other legislation.  This advocacy puts the organization clearly in one political party's camp, whether the LWV admits to it or not. To the LWV and the candidate:  Just be Honest!

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