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Community Lifeline says it will help with property messes

Starting on Sunday, the owners of vandalized property in the City of Shelton are responsible for the cleanup, with the city providing either the paint or the labor for the task.

With the new graffiti ordinance, Community Lifeline in downtown Shelton is offering help as well. The nonprofit that operates a homeless shelter on Third Street is offering to send an outreach team to homeless encampments to urge them to leave private property and then help them clean up any mess they created.

Athena Ayres, executive director of Community Lifeline, said the goal of the proposal is "to be part of a solution for both the people facing homelessness as well as the people impacted by it in the community."

"There's got to be a way Community Lifeline can help in this," she said.

Ayres said she has contacted Mason County Public Health as a potential partner in the effort, and is also seeking donations to launch the project. Affected property owners and people who wish to make a donation can call 360-426-4439 or visit

"It's hard for me to gauge how big the need is right now," Ayres said.

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Gordon Weeks, Reporter

Shelton-Mason County Journal & Belfair Herald


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