A week of shopping, socializing and travel for Mary


February 24, 2022

Friday, Feb. 27, 1948

Today the Light Co. sent some men out and they took down the trees without damaging fences or anything. We were so glad. Went over to Skene’s for the saw and John’s for the pee-vee. They were away over at John’s for over a year. Charlie Gilman came down and dug some clams. Sam went to Seattle and Tacoma to get stuff for Emmett. Rec’d a letter and one card from Bisbee post matron Pearl Bickle. Edith Skene came over and we drove to Bremerton. We shopped at an antique shop and two Goodwill stores. I bought a basket and three books. Then we went over to call on the Peterson’s at Manette and they were so happy to see us. We had a nice visit there. Saw Neil too. Home and ate dinner. Rudy came down and we had quite a visit. He was telling me all about Alma’s illness. To bed early as I was very weary. Lovely called — talked — talked.

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Saturday, Feb. 28, 1948

Today was a marvelous sunny day and I was outside quite a lot. Sam washed clothes while I cleaned house. So we were both done about the same time. Also he put the knobs on all the cupboards in the bathroom in cabins. Then he gathered oysters in the afternoon and we had some for dinner. They were good too. Pinky Williams brought O.E.S. Bazaar tickets down about 4:30 so as soon as dinner was over I went out to distribute them. I went to Shorts, Jones, Popes, Williams, Wychoffs (she took some for Fischlers and Morrisons.) So they are off to a good start. Nichols cut up the trees so has a lot of nice wood. Attended the Ladies Club Bazaar and Carnival Saturday evening at school house and saw so many we knew there. Saw Helen Anderson and Lud so we had a good visit. We played bingo and ate homemade candy then ate hot dogs and coffee. Home late and to bed.

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Sunday, Feb. 29, 1948

Arose early and went up to Almeda and Jean Olsen’s at Conway, Washington. We arrived there at 11:30 a.m.

Pretty fair time too. Almeda had a very bad cold so did not feel too good yet cooked a marvelous dinner just the same. She surely does everything well. Floyd and his wife and Rodney age 10 months were down too so there was quite a gathering. We surely had a nice visit together. Bonnie and Patsy have grown so. Bonnie has become so pretty and reminds us so of Almeda when she was 14. In the late evening we went over to see some friends’ house that was being remodeled and had a nice time. To bed late. Almeda has a nice room for Bonnie now. All ruffles and flounces. Almeda did mention her Dad, just for a short time. Guess they are over the shock now but when the trial begins it will return, I’m sorry to say.

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Monday, March 1, 1948

Today it rained, hailed, snowed and did everything. I even saw a rainbow. A beauty as we came through Gig Harbor on our way home. We stayed at Almeda’s until 9:30 a.m. when she took Patsy to the oculist. We went on to Seattle. I did some shopping and lost some cards in the shuffle. Anyway bought some yellow candles to go with some daffodils. We drove through Tacoma home on account of the ferry tie-up. Ate at the tower Restaurant and it was delicious. Had lobster thermidor. The ferry was very busy and four were on the run taking care of the traffic. Put away all the clothes and got things ready for the ladies to come to sew Tuesday. No rain here but cold. To bed early. Had a card from Cleora so called her, also Berray on gift for Marie.

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Tuesday, March 2, 1948

Today was a nice sunny day and the women came down about 11 and we got quite a lot done on the quilt. Mrs. Larry, Larson, Stephens, Thompson and Rasmussen were here. Then I got Squires and he pruned all the trees and fixed the sweet pea trench. Took Evelyn Hyde down to Mary Ruth’s with me to see how she was. Her face was all swelled up and could not eat or talk. Had two wisdom teeth pulled and they got infected. Took Bill Hyde’s wife down to see Mary Ruth. She looks bad and feels worse. We did not stay long. Made dinner when I got home and it was late as I was away so long. Ran into many I knew. Was down to Mrs. Walker’s a few minutes but she had not started on my dress yet. To bed early.

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Wednesday, March 3, 1948

Today was surely a busy day. Cleaned house then ironed all clothes and put away. Made favors for our Social Club meeting and that took me about three hours. Planted sweet peas too. Then got a nice dinner of roast goose in hopes Helen Anderson could come but her note came saying she could not make it. Took candles, holders, cake, etc. to Temple early and Jones and Foster helped put primroses in candle holders. There was a big crowd out and we had our 46 cups in use. Lots of lovely cake and sandwiches. The tables looked very nice. Helen Anderson was up so I visited with her. So were George Adams and Vera Duffield from Shelton. Planned a meeting of members for supper on March 12. Hope we can get enough coffee pots for that night as we surely were short tonight. To bed late. Some have sold many tickets on our bazaar.

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Thursday, March 4, 1948

A frosty sunny morning. Put all last night’s gear away. Quite a job. Then cleaned up house, etc. Had hair done and Wychoff and I decided to drive to Seattle to check on dishes so I went home, dressed and by the time I was ready she was here. Then we called on Alice Pope and decided what to buy. We arrived in Seattle about 6 p.m. and got a room at the Hungerford Hotel. Then to the Italian Club where we had a lovely dinner. To the Orpheum where we saw “The Voice of the Turtle” and it was very good. Then to bed and oh was I sleepy. We stopped in a couple of antique shops on the Tacoma Highway and saw several nice items.

Clydene Hostetler is a longtime Belfair resident, local historian, media archivist and documentary filmmaker of “Hidden in Plain Sight.” She has been researching Mary Theler’s life for the past 13 years. She can be emailed at [email protected]


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