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Shelton High student guilty in September stabbing

The Shelton High School student who stabbed another student six times during a fight on Sept. 20 was found guilty of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon in Mason County Juvenile Court.

According to juvenile court documents, the student, 16, was sentenced to nine months in a juvenile rehabilitation administration facility, beginning after the sentencing hearing on Dec. 21 and had to pay fines and fees of $200. The student also had to complete DNA testing, to not contact the victim of the stabbing except through counsel or a probation officer and cannot own or possess a firearm, ammo, or other dangerous weapon until the right is restored and are subject to random searches.

According to Shelton Police Department documents, the student was taunting the victim, 17, by calling him an anti-gay slur on the day of the fight, and the student was sent to the principal’s office earlier in the day for it. The victim of the stabbing is gay.

Later in the day, the two were outside between the 300 and 400 building and the student began calling the victim an anti-gay slur again, to which the victim responded by punching the student. The two began to fight, and the victim did not realize they had been stabbed until they walked away and saw blood, and immediately went to the hospital.

Shelton Police contacted the school and was told the student was expelled for the fight and they did not know the victim had been stabbed. Shelton Police went to the student’s house, and was warned that he could not be questioned until he had an attorney present, but the student said he stabbed the victim and claimed self-defense. The student was arrested.

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