In proportion


December 23, 2021

Alex Féthière

Two separate compost batches show very different fungal contents. The one at right is darker with humic and fulvic acids, showing higher fungal biomass.

If you'd told me years ago that homemade compost can be ready to use in 21-24 days no matter the weather, I might have gone the extra mile to formulate it properly. Had I known it continues to be optimally bioactive for another six months, I would have distributed it as quickly as I made it, rather than letting it sit until it becomes glorified topsoil.

I tend to save things that are difficult or time-consuming to make or obtain. Hitherto, my compost took so long to mature that it was too special to use.

Now that I know everything in it is dead, I can casually spread my New York-made compos...

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