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Doing good work

Editor, the Journal,

Thanks to the volunteers from the Shelton Rotary Club for the condition of the Huff’n’Puff Trail. It is clean, friendly and welcoming and feels safe. Once again, local people here do something very good for the community. If you haven’t been for a while, you will be impressed. We couldn’t understand how it had become so exceptional until we happened to hear about the Rotary members’ work.

Also, thanks to the Mount Rose trail crew. For almost 40 years, they have been doing great work on many local trails, such as Mount Rose, Mount Ellinor, Big Creek and many more Forest Service trails on the south and east sides of the Olympics. It is not uncommon to run into people on these trails who come from other places (Pennsylvania, for one), who have heard about how great the Mount Rose trail crew is and wanted to come and see for themselves when they visit this area. Some winters are hard on trails in the Olympics, but it is impressive to see how fast they clear trails and repair bridges. People come and go on the crew, and many work for years, including local notables such as Vern Johnson and many others. In town, thanks to the student volunteers who helped Steve Galka and the Y clear out the evil scotch broom that took over after the Y site was cleared, as almost always happens. Next year it will be easier, especially if they can manage to get it to rain for several days before they start pulling it up. Good luck with that.

Last but not least, thanks to the staff at Turning Pointe for doing so well at such necessary work.  

Rob Wilson-Hoss, Shelton

‘Reimagine Wildfire’

Editor, the Journal,

Can homes, communities, healthy forests and wildfires coexist?

That is the essential question behind the film “Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire.” (

I have had the chance to watch this film multiple times, and I learn something new with each viewing.“Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire” is an outstanding film that deserves the widest possible viewing. In a visually stunning manner, it distills what we’ve learned about wildland fire over the decades and provides a roadmap for badly needed changes that will benefit thousands of people, particularly in fire-prone communities. Those of us who live in Western Washington now know that we are not immune to wildfire danger; this is no longer an Eastern Washington problem.

Over the past year, “Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire” screened at 40 film festivals and hundreds of theaters across the nation. The filmmakers showed up with firefighters, scientists, cultural firelighters and experts in home safety to engage with viewers on how to prepare homes and communities for fire. At long last, you can now stream the film at home, and share it with your family and friends.

Also, you can contact Mason County Conservation District for a free wildfire home visit or forest health assessment. Be a wildfire-ready neighbor.

Sherri Dysart, Shelton

A dangerous spike

Editor, the Journal,

In accordance with the Journal’s new letter policy, I wish to rebut Donna Holliday’s letter of May 25. On May 4, I wrote about transgender athletes and said, “Democrats will allow a 240-pound linebacker to tackle a 110-pound girl/boy transgender at full speed.” Males are stronger than females. Logic says 240 pounds against 110 pounds is unfair; girls can get hurt. Holliday’s response: “Democrats are not allowing 240 pounds to tackle 110 pounds.”

Payton McNabb, a North Carolina high school volleyball player, was knocked unconscious by a transgender male when he spiked the ball into her face at a high school game in November 2022. She suffered a concussion and neck injuries; it took weeks to recover. She’s quit the sport. I think that qualifies as a transgender male causing an injury on a female athlete. President Joe Biden, a Democrat, could enforce Title IX, which separates male and female sports, but chooses not to. I think that qualifies as Democrats allowing injuries because they ignore the Title IX law and permit transgender males on a female team. The man responsible for the injury sent the girl a hate message. He was unhappy because of widespread criticism for his part in causing the injury.

Hate’s wrong regardless of who does it.

My May 4 letter also asked what was the purpose and job function of the school’s gender coordinator and the Title IX coordinator? I think I’ve shown why Title IX should be reinstated. I would like some understanding from these Shelton school coordinators on these policies and the need for them. I would also like their thoughts as to what happened to Payton McNabb.

Ardean Anvik, Shelton

Restaurant boycott

Editor, the Journal,

I have been a strong supporter of the Wilde Irish Pub since before they opened. After reading the article regarding the Pride proclamations both for the county and city, I will have to begin my boycott. Jim Boad voted against a simple proclamation to show support for all citizens in the City of Shelton. The small businesses of Shelton are trying everything they can to remain open. Not supporting everyone in our society is not the way to get more customers.

Cathy Gallagher, Shelton


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