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Kacee Elizabeth Fredson

Kacee Elizabeth Fredson, died May 7, 2023, at the age of 38 in Wenatchee, Washington. She was born April 16, 1985 to Jeff Fredson and Janice Fredson, and lived in Shelton for all but the past seven years, where she lived in Cashmere, Washington.

Kacee graduated from Shelton High School in 2003. She was briefly married to Michael London and they had a daughter, Hailey, in 2012. Hailey was the joy of Kacee’s life. They played, fished, cooked, built, traveled, and adventured together. When Kacee was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in October 2018, life changed significantly. Still, Kacee ensured that Hailey had a childhood full of love, affection, and adventure. They traveled to Disneyland, swam in the Wenatchee River, cooked and baked, and had the nicest yard with the most toys in the neighborhood. Kacee coached Hailey’s soccer team for three years. They became avid fans of the Wenatchee Wild Hockey team.

Kacee enjoyed Jack and Jill Softball and played on the Flyers team. She loved the Fredson cabin in Union, it was a favorite hang-out where family and friends gathered. Papa’s Oregon mountain property was another loved location where family and friends would gather to ride quads, have paintball wars, take hikes, and hunt for Bigfoot. Kacee and Hailey often went fishing with Grandpa Simpson and Hailey always caught the biggest, most, and last fish, no matter which pole it was on. Those days typically ended with Hailey making cookies with Grandma Simpson while grandpa and mom cleaned the fish. Kacee took up painting with her sister-in-law Krista and developed quite a talent. She also challenged any comers to make a clam chowder that was better than hers.

Kacee placed a premium on family and extended family and especially enjoyed being an auntie. She teased and played and never forgot a birthday. In her last year, Kacee took comfort from her companion, Travis Wittman, and from others from their church.

Surviving family members include: parents Jeff Fredson (Cheryl), Janice Fredson; sister Kristine (Carl); brothers Chad (Heather), Taylor (Coni), Tellson (Krista), Myles, and Paul (Karly); and grandparents Joe and Lois Simpson. Kacee’s passing was preceded by the deaths of Grandparents Ken and Alice Fredson.


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