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Letters to the Editor

On economics

Editor, the Journal,

I have been reading letters commenting on the state of the economy over the last couple of months. It has gotten to the point that one must respond. The letters go on about how we need pipelines to solve our economic woes. They also criticize those who disagree with their right-wing talking points. They have everything except economic analysis. First, let’s get rid of the parroting of Reagan, or worse, Ayn Rand. Citing them for conclusory opinions is not analysis. It just being a parrot.

Let us look at a specific example. Gas prices. Last week we were treated to an analysis that asserted that inflation was the cause of a pipeline not being built. The analysis omits the fact that oil production never decreased in 2021 to 2022. The United States has at all relevant times been a net exporter of oil. Heck, we even export refined oil products. The statistics are easily available to anyone who wants to find them. The fact is that oil prices are global prices. So, if energy prices are one of the drivers of inflation, then it is demonstrated by the fact that every advanced economy in the world is suffering inflation. Hence a global issue.

Now, could the U.S. increase production to drive down global prices? Yes. But it cannot drive those prices down by simply supplying the U.S. market. It must dump increased supply on the world market. Therein lies the problem. When the fracking boom started, we did exactly that. We produced oil in sufficient quantities to affect global prices. The result? OPEC producers increased their production.

What American oil oligarchs don’t want to discuss is that U.S. oil production relies on advanced drilling techniques. These techniques drive up production costs. The result is that U.S. oil production requires a higher barrel price to be profitable. That was the problem with the U.S. fracking bust that followed the boom. When OPEC dumped more oil on the market, it drove prices down. Result? The investors took at bath to the tune of billions. Why? Because OPEC can make money at lower prices and frackers cannot. By the way, it is also why Trump went hat in hand to the Saudis to try and get them to restrict production.

Investors will tell you they are cutting oil investments because they are engaging in socially responsible investing. That is greenwashing. They are really holding back because they don’t want more oil production. They don’t care about your price at the pump. They want more profits. And abundant oil gave them the opposite. They are not doing that again.

None of this is even remotely surprising to anyone who knows anything about commodities. Abundant supply is not your friend, commodity producers. Just ask dairymen. This is why DeBeers uses its global monopoly position to restrict the supply of consumer diamonds. Engagement rings aren’t expensive because diamonds are rare.

So, if you are trying to make a point on economics, lay off the Fox News sounds bites. Spare me the Ayn Rand nonsense. Don’t throw out a bumper sticker slogan by Reagan. Don’t give me back of the envelope, simplistic answers from the petroleum trade associations that talk about small government but want big government to perpetuate their dominance on energy policy, and thus their profits from it.

Andrew Makar, Hoodsport

Election is over

Editor, the Journal,

The election’s over; I’m extremely happy with the results locally and I’m thrilled both Derek and Patty can return to Congress knowing they finished second in Mason County. For the new year, I suggest anti-Trump writers try a new subject. I get it. You hate Trump. Democratic writers throw unearned platitudes to Democrats while condemning Republicans. The assumption is Democrats know what they’re talking about. That’s incorrect as their letters show. Karen Skinner and Karen Bouton had a laser beam on their subject without having facts or looking at the big picture. Karen Skinner suggested “Let’s remember our history.” Good advice. She discussed the 1935 Social Security bill and lack of Republican support without commenting on the 1935 Democrats who wore white hoods, burned African-American homes and lynched Black Americans. When criticizing the political history of Republicans regarding Social Security from 87 years ago, shouldn’t she also criticize 1935 Democrats; KKK members who supported Jim Crow laws? Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd of South Carolina was a KKK member and a good friend to Democrat Sen. Joe Biden. Comment, Ms. Skinner?

Karen Bouton wrote about oil barons and gasoline shortages completely forgetting Biden’s hand in this debacle. He stopped the pipeline and oil production in the USA. When the Northeast gets cold this winter from lack of heating oil, look to Biden. He won’t drill in North Dakota or Texas where oil exploration is controlled and the environment respected; instead he asks Arabia and Venezuela for oil where drilling is uncontrolled with no concern for the environment. Why are Democrats so dense? Gasoline, fuel and heating oil shortage is Biden’s fault yet Ms. Bouton complains about greedy corporations, which she knows nothing about. Ms. Bouton should take a course in macro-economics (economics at the national level) and learn about corporations and stock ownership by 100,000,000 people, nearly one-third of the U.S. population. Those with a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth IRA, mutual fund, business, government or union retirement plans or direct stock ownership own shares and are saving for retirement, kids college or buying a home. Taxing corporations is taxing 100,000,000 citizens; most aren’t rich. Pay their fair share slogan is a joke, as are the Democrats’ other slogans, yet Democrats live by slogans. It’s easier than thinking. Ms. Bouton, ignore Democrat slogans; get facts for your next letter. Ms. Skinner and Ms. Bouton; instead of criticizing Republicans, how about getting Biden to do his job. He hates Trump but welcomes terrorists, MS-13 gangs, sex-trafficked girls, smuggled drugs, including fentanyl, and guns. The cartels are making billions of dollars, thanks to Biden.

Ardean Anvik, Shelton

I thank you

Editor, the Journal,

There was a letter in the Dec. 1 edition headlined “Blame the Bible.” Written by a very brave man. I am sure there will be many attack responses.

Not here. I thank you.

It amazes me how people who claim to be “Christian” and live “righteous” lives actually live with hate and cruelty.

People have used religion to start wars. Religion to justify incarcerating, even executing people, for simply being who God made them. People use religion as an excuse to be ignorant of science and of the realities of life.

The reality is LGBTQ people, and animals, have been on this Earth since the beginning of time, however we got here. Being LGBTQ is as natural as being heterosexual.

To those who are heterosexual, when did you first realize that you like boys or girls? Probably before the age of 10. You probably did not know all the words for what you felt. It wasn’t sexual, just who you are. The same is true for LGBTQ people.

No one can make someone LGBTQ, just as no one can make someone heterosexual. If reading books, watching movies or TV shows, or talking about family issues in school could determine one’s orientation, everyone would be heterosexual. We have all been “indoctrinated” and “groomed” to be heterosexual.

In 2022 alone, over 300 bills were introduced or passed in several states to take away human rights, rights of LGBTQ people. All the laws, all the hate, all the killings do not stop LGBTQ people from being who they are. All of this just puts lives in even more danger.

Now white supremacists groups are feeling so threatened by drag shows and drag storytime that they show up in all of their macho military gear, face masks and assault rifles. Ready to go to war with drag queens. Tell me who looks ridiculous. Drag storytime, drag shows are entertainment, there is nothing dangerous about a person in drag reading a book to kids. I’m more concerned with the fools outside with their macho costumes and guns. What does that teach kids?

Drag queens bring entertainment, fun and are welcoming to all. The protesters bring fear, hate and the threat of violence.

Lies, fear, hate and violence seem to be the American way. This country’s history shows that. Lies, fear and hate, all based on ignorance, allowed the horrors that were done to Indigenous people, to Black people. And still to all people of color.

People do not learn to be heterosexual or LGBTQ. People do learn to hate. People are teaching your kids to hate. All based on ignorance.

Do you really think Jesus would be this hateful?

Oh wait, wasn’t it Jesus who said, while being murdered, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” It is 2022 and these Christians and white supremacists know damn well what they are doing.

Donna Holliday, Shelton

PUD 3 hike

Editor, the Journal,

While looking at the PUD 3 website to see how to log on to my account, I noticed a rate increase heading. In looking more carefully at the post I saw that there were rate increases by business size and type. I must say I am amazed that the cannabis industry was one of the categories to get less of an increase than residential. I don’t think the residential customers should subsidize the cannabis industry. I would like to hear the reasoning behind this decision.

Robert Johnson, Shelton

About flooding

Editor, the Journal,

Wanted: A reporter that is not afraid to take on a senator and 50 co-conspirators that are stealing thousands, millions of dollars from innocent people. They made up and changed the measurements that would increase the flood areas. Mother Nature didn’t change. The false, made-up measurements changed. The senator and co-conspirators changed the X rating to an AE rating so it fit the new rules. An X rating had less than a 1% chance of flooding in the next 100 years. I’m sure the senator and her 50 co-conspirators are receiving extra wages for the work and partaking in this scam for life. They don’t do anything for the people they represent without being rewarded. I have lots of communication from FHA and FEMA.

Michael Jones, Belfair

I’m voting ‘yes’

Editor, the Journal,

Holding my nose, and resisting the temptation to allow perfection be the enemy of the practical, I plan to vote “yes” in support for the Shelton School District levy this January. The COVID pandemic exposed great flaws in the public school system, largely due to a strong teachers union; yet even prior to COVID lockdowns and the subsequent tragic disruption of the educational process, I observed an adolescent unable to make change from a retail purchase and another illiterate with regards to script (vs. printing). Tragic. Tragic and eminently avoidable.

Shelton has a better educational system than others — it’s not all a failure! State Rep. Drew MacEwen was instrumental in establishing and encouraging the innovative and highly successful vocational program within the Shelton School District.

Earlier this week I met a mother and son uptown. They were most polite, accommodating and, well, charming and articulate. They both proudly wore Mason County Christian School sweatshirts. In an ideal world, such as the state of New Hampshire (motto: Live Free or Die), the money follows the child. 

Let’s start a conversation on creating a charter school in Mason County. Once this is established my vote for school funding would be an unrestrained and enthusiastic “yes.”

For additional information on this charter school alternative, go to wacharterschools/org.

James Poirson, Shelton


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