Port of Grapeview facing 10-year redistricting

Port approaches fiscal-year budget deadline


September 8, 2022

The Port of Grapeview is set to convene a special meeting Sept. 13 to address its redistricting, which is required every 10 years for federal, state and many local government agencies.

The purpose of redistricting the port is to balance the populations in each of its three districts to ensure equitable representation.

Port Commissioner Mike Blaisdell, who’s leading the current redistricting effort, pointed out that since the 2010 census, the port district’s population has increased by 302 residents.

Blaisdell cited “tremendous support” from Mason County Auditor Paddy Maguire and from Mason County’s Geographic Information Systems Department in matching populations to each district.

According to Blaisdell, the port has considered several redistricting options, and in each case, the demographics would remain relatively the same, with no effects on populations of racial and ethnic groups between the districts or to political parties.

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Of the port’s three districts, District 1 covers the Mason Lake area and is represented by Commissioner Art Whitson. District 2 covers Stretch Island and is the southernmost territory of the port. It’s represented by Blaisdell.

Port Commissioner Jean Farmer represents District 3, which covers the Fair Harbor area.

The port’s Sept. 13 meeting will convene at 7 p.m. at the Grapeview Community Center at 4350 Grapeview Loop Road. It will also be on Zoom.

Further details and documents are scheduled to be made available at http://www.portofgrapeview.com.

State law also requires the port commission to prepare a preliminary budget for the fiscal year 2023 on or prior to Sept. 15, with a final budget adopted and posted on the port’s website after a public hearing.

Bob Pastore, a member of the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee for the Port of Grapeview, told the Belfair Herald that the port’s preliminary budget is being prepared “as we speak,” adding that he expected that preliminary budget would be posted on the port’s website “by next week.”

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Port commissioners are scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Sept. 20 at the Grapeview Community Center and via Zoom. “We are aware of our deadlines and hearing requirements,” said Pastore, who estimated the port’s final budget will be delivered in October.

State law also requires the port commission’s notice must make clear that the port’s preliminary budget has been prepared and placed on file at the port’s district office and that a copy can be obtained by any taxpayer at an address to be listed in the notice.

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The commission will meet between Sept. 15 and the first Tuesday following the first Monday in October to fix and adopt the port’s final budget.


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