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August 4, 2022

Mason County awarded $2 million for bridge projects

Mason County Public Works was awarded $2.027 million by the Federal Local Bridge Program.

According to a news release for the Mason County commissioners, the federal bridge program provides funding under the National Highway Performance Program used to improve the condition of city or county-owned bridges. Public Works was awarded $167,000 to replace the south timber pile on the North Fork Goldsborough Bridge on Little Egypt Road with concrete pile cap. The Toonerville Bridge on Bear Creek Dewatto Road was awarded $1,860,000 to be replaced with a new 70-foot bridge.

Both projects are fully funded and scheduled to be complete in 2023. Any questions about the projects can be directed to Public Works at 360-427-9670.

County funds dive team compliance

Mason County commissioners approved funding initial costs to bring the Mason County Search and Rescue Dive Team current with certifications and compliance.

According to the information packet, the team has had challenges during the past two years, being out of compliance and suspended from responding to incidents until the required training and certification is up to date. Member dive physicals and equipment are necessary to meet certification.

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Mason County Department of Emergency Management is the oversight agency to ensure all members are trained and certified before deployment. The county must fund the initial cost of individual physicals and equipment inspections to bring the dive team current. The cost is $5,840 to bring team members up to date with current certification and an estimated annual cost of $4,900 each year to keep the dive team current.

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The availability of outdoor water activities in Mason County brings an expectation to protect life and answer an emergency call when necessary.

Mason County seeking subgrantees

Mason County is looking for subgrantees to provide direct services for rental assistance through a new permanent eviction program.

According to a news release, the county is looking for qualified candidates who have successfully implemented eviction prevention program or homeless prevention programs, have been under a state or federal contract, and have a contract of memorandum of understanding with a subgrantee. The county is a grantee from the Department of Commerce and will have to follow all guidelines through Commerce. The new permanent eviction program will be attached with the consolidated homeless grant.

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Commissioners OK Public assistance grant agreement

A public assistance grant agreement for emergency money was signed after commissioners voted in favor of the measure.

According to the information packet, a presidential disaster declaration was issued for severe winter storms from Dec. 26 to Jan. 15 in 12 state counties. FEMA is providing money to Mason County for response to the storms through the state Emergency Management Department is providing the money through the federal government. The amount of money is still to be determined based upon approved project worksheets.

Ultraviolent lamps approved for Belfair reclaimation facility

The Belfair Water Reclamation Facility will be getting new ultraviolent lamps after county commissioners approved the purchase.

According to the information packet, the facility uses ultraviolet radiation disinfection system as the final treatment of effluent. Ultraviolent disinfection is used to inactivate bacteria and viruses present in the effluent after it has gone through the treatment processes at the facility. The current UV system is in place by Trojan UV and the lamps are a key proponent to ensure proper disinfection is achieved to meet our regulatory permit requirements.

Three UV banks with 18 lamps are in each bank and the lamp life expectancy is 12,000 to 15,000 hours. Bank 2 is at 13,500 hours and bank 3 is at 14,500 hours. An order of 30 bulbs would allow the county to replace all the lamps in both banks.

A quote from Trojan UV is $13,317 and there was $26,814 in the operating supplies budget, leaving the budget at $13,497 left.

Mason, Thurston County agree on transportation

Mason County and Thurston County have signed an interlocal agreement for transportation services.

According to the information packet, Mason and Thurston County Public Works signed the agreement and it is in effect through the end of the year and will renew automatically unless terminated by either county. The agreement is for both counties “to make the most efficient use of their resources by enabling them to cooperate by furnishing each other manpower, equipment and materials when available on a reimbursable basis for traffic services and roadway maintenance and repair activities. This will be done with the understanding that the work of the owner of the requested resources takes priority.”

Traffic services provided by either county can be sign maintenance, crosswalks, stop bars, arrows, legends, striping, traffic counts, data collection, technical traffic services, road pavement ratings and data collection and technical maintenance and training. The agreement also allows both parties to do road maintenance including surfacing, drainage, structures, pedestrian facilities and roadside services.

Trailer-mounted emergency generator purchased

County Public Works was authorized to purchase a used generator from United Rentals at the Aug. 2 commissioners meeting.

According to the information packet, it was discovered Nov. 15 by utilities operations staff that the 40KVa trailer mounted emergency generator had been stolen from its storage place located at the Tacoma Public Utilities lift station. Utilities staff depend on this generator to power up lift stations that do not have emergency generators in place. Eight pump stations, including five in North Bay, two in Rustlewood and one in Belfair would be down during times when line power in not available.

Public Works staff assisted in the search for a replacement and received quotes for two used and one new generator. Staff recommended going with the lowest used generator from United Rentals for $27,667.50. Utilities has the money to purchase the used generator but is working with county risk management to see if insurance will cover the loss that would require the county to only pay a $5,000 deductible.

Rental Assistance Program receives additional money

Crossroads Housing and Shelton Youth Connection have received additional money from the state’s Eviction Rental Assistance Program.

According to the information packet, the program is to prevent evictions that would contribute to the spread of COVID-19. An additional $514,785 was added to the contract and now the total contract amount is $6,425,567.

ARPA money reallocated

County commissioners approved the reallocation of American Rescue Plan Act money.

According to the information packet, commissioners approved the Rustlewood Water Well Reservoir Electrical Control System project to be funded by ARPA money, but Public Works has received money elsewhere and no longer needs the ARPA money. Of the $200,000 to be reallocated, $100,000 was approved for the Port of Allyn Water Company.

Money allocated for public health

Mason County Public Health will receive more than $1.2 million for foundational public health services through June 2023.

According to the information packet, $360,000 will be going to infrastructure and workforce capacity and $85,000 for case investigation capacity. There is $103,000 for hepatitis C and the additional $718,000 will be allocated to foundational public health services.


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