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President Truman visits Belfair, Mary swims in the canal


More Chapter meetings, gardening, cleaning house, ironing, daily swimming in the canal and guess what? President Truman drove through Belfair. I bet that was exciting. Starting to get warmer too.

Friday, June 4, 1948

Arose early and caught the 8:30 boat and visited with Eleanor Orcutt on the way over. Then to meeting and it was very interesting. We had over 30 girls out. Then I did a little shopping and went up to see the doctor. He said I was OK so I caught the 4:30 boat. Eleanor Orcutt was on the boat too and so I took her to Olson’s at Belfair where I let her off. Her menfolks were to pick her up there. As soon as I got home and planted the annuals and then dug weeds until I was weary. A very hot day and I was glad it was my last trip for the summer. Sprinkled my ironing for tomorrow and hope to get it done early. Very windy out this evening but, very nice.

Saturday, June 5, 1948

Today I arose early and had my ironing done by 9 a.m. Then a good house cleaning and put in clean flowers till 1 p.m. Put on chicken to cook and went up to get weeds out of garden behind the rail fence. Vina and Henry came up when I was in swimming and then she went in too. We ate dinner. To the card party at the Temple and had a good time. Vin, Henry, Papa, Lovey, Mattie Brooks and Eunice DeLong came. We certainly had a good time although the crowd was small. Home late and to bed. Very tired. Guess I did too much. Very warm out and the swimming was grand.

Sunday, June 6, 1948

Arose early and got fire started. We ate outside. It was good too. After breakfast we waited for Sam to come home from a meeting of Finance Committee at the Temple. Then we rode to Papa’s old place. After 45½ years he hardly recognized the place. We went to Dewatto and saw Monroe Nance. Then home and went swimming. It was so warm. We had a good time. Over came Floss, Cecil and the kids and went in swimming. Then Eunice DeLong and Mattie Brooks and we all ate at one long table. Had a lot of fun. Then everyone went and Sam watered the lawn and I washed clothes. To bed late. Very warm today. But oh, I had a wonderful swim.

Monday, June 7, 1948

To the dentist’s at 9 a.m. and now my teeth are all OK for another six months. Home and cleaned house as Sam was busy watering lawn. Squires put in part of the azaleas. The balance will plant this afternoon. Sam went to store to cut up salmon so we can eat some for lunch. Very warm out. To Lovey’s and talked awhile. So hot at her place! Then came Cleora and Maims Gould so we picked up Lovey and went to Friendship Night at Philathea’s. Robert Marvin, Jess, Mary Aaker and Maymie Homberg, Georgia Neiman and I were special guests of our association officers. They gave us a lovely corsage. We had a wonderful time, but it was so warm we nearly melted. They used calla lilies for decorations, and they were lovely. Home late and to bed.

Tuesday, June 8, 1948

Today I went to Morris where I left my car and rode with Cleora and Morrice to Line Officers at Grace Hogan’s. We had a good time, but I can’t say I did too well keeping the girls from chattering. I guess I’ll get a little gavel. Practiced our addendum. It looks very good. Met Lovey and took her to the high school. Visited Alma Nelson for a while. We had a good time. Then to Officers Club at Cleora’s. Mayme and Marylee (Cleora’s sister) entertained. We had a good time, but my tooth bothered me, so I was glad to go home. To bed late. Mary Ruth combed my hair this a.m. so it looked very nice.

Wednesday, June 9, 1948

Could not sleep last night. I was so weary but mostly my tooth ached. Today took Evelyn Hyde over to Aunt Vina’s. We called on a little old friend of hers and saw all her old things. She made us a very nice lunch. Very nice. At Aunt Vina’s we saw her lovely flowers. The poppies are grand. Home early as I was weary and went to bed for a couple of hours. Then I did some odd jobs around the garden and put away all the clothes. Very windy out but it shows a warm day for Truman tomorrow. Did some watering and tied up some plants that fell over. To bed early.

Thursday, June 10, 1948

Arose early and did my ironing before breakfast. Then up to Belfair to see President Truman go by. Sat at the schoolhouse and we were real close. About 25 cars in the procession. He looks just like his pictures. Home and worked in the garden. Raked hay, Papa cut so Nichols could take it home for bedding for the cows. Wychoff came about 5 just after I’d had my swim and combed my hair for Chapter tonight. To Lovey’s and took her to Chapter. A short meeting and quite warm. Afterward we all went upstairs to lunch. The girls who are going to Grand Chapter are all prepared. We leave Bremerton at 10 a.m. and eat our lunch on the way. Four of us are going. Home early and to bed. Wore a corsage of baby roses for Alma N. to see as she gave me the bush. It held up nicely all evening.

Clydene Hostetler is a longtime Belfair resident, local historian, media archivist and documentary filmmaker of “Hidden in Plain Sight.” She has been researching Mary Theler’s life for the past 13 years. She can be emailed at Cly[email protected]


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