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January 20, 2022

Commissioners approve Homeland Security Program contract amendment

Mason County commissioners approved a contract amendment with a state Homeland Security Program from the Washington State Military Department through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

According to the information packet, Mason County Emergency Management Division is part of Homeland Security Region 3 with Lewis, Thurston, Grays Harbor and Pacific counties. The contract pertains to an annual grant through the Homeland Security region. The grant money is distributed through a formula of a base amount and population. The amount this year is $20,441.

Due to supply chain problems and inability to procure gas masks and a generator, the money is being reallocated. The grant amendment end date is Nov. 15 and the subrecipient contact was changed from Ross McDowell to Tammi Wright.

The amendments also change the desired outcomes of the contract, including improved intelligence gathering capabilities resulting in increased safety for responders during critical incidents with unmanned ariel vehicle enhancements. Another outcome is to allow the North Mason Regional Fire Authority to have a tiered response system using on-duty and off-duty personnel, with the new system allowing for a callback for different groups of personnel as needed.

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Mason County updates public records policy

County commissioners approved an update to the Mason County public records policy.

According to the information packet, the county public records policy was last updated in March 2018. Several changes have been made since then, including additional definitions, the inclusion of GovQA for public records software and for JLARC tracking purposes, updated links, additional training information and requirements, third-party notification, the addition of a body-worn video footage redaction fees, the removal of irrelevant information and updated language due to recent case law.

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Emergency Management Performance grant approved

County commissioners approved an emergency management performance grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

According to the information packet, the grant money comes from the American Rescue Plan Act program money and the amount is $14,205. The time period for the money runs through Dec. 31. There is a 50% match to the grant, which comes from the 2022 DEM salaries and supplies budget lines.

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Property owners within Belfair UGA will be mailed fact sheet ahead of public hearing

County commissioners approved a contract amendment with BERK Consulting to assist in preparing planned action environmental impact statement for the Belfair Urban Growth Area, along with a public hearing about the Belfair UGA.

According to the information packet, BERK Consulting has been directed to prepare a two-page fact sheet for direct mailing to property owners within the Belfair UGA. The fact sheet will summarize proposed changes to the subarea plan, zoning and development regulations, provide information on the upcoming public hearing for adoption of a proposed action ordinance and proposed amendments.

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The budget impact will be $9,855 and will increase the budget amount for the contract.

Commissioners approved a public hearing for the proposed subarea plan amendments and development regulation amendments for 9:15 a.m. on Feb. 15.

Commissioners remove funds found unnecessary

Mason County commissioners approved the deletion of the North Bay Case Inlet Sewer Utility Reserve fund and the Wastewater System Development Fund in the 2022 budget.

According to the information packet, the county adopted a financial policy that states only the minimum number of funds consistent with legal and operating requirements should be established. The NBCI Sewer Utility Reserve Fund was created for accumulation of resources as required by the agreement between the state Department of Ecology and Mason County for Loan No. L0000021. Payments for the loan are paid from a different fund and this fund is no longer needed.

The Wastewater System Development fund was created to finance the study, design and construction of wastewater and water facilities prior to the establishment of a utility. The county’s utility money is established with individual money, making this fund unnecessary.


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